July 26, 2021

Menu Plan 7•26•21

Its back to reality for me this week.  I may have gone a little overboard on the vacation mode.  I think I only cooked a handful of times.  And I ate more than that.  Magic happens when marshalleese get together.  The food, the fun, I miss that.  But I have yet to make any island friends here in Texas.  And most of my people aren't really up for raw fish or fish with the heads still on it.  I digress.

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

There are no eyeballs or other crazy sea creatures on the menu this week.  There is a new recipe we are trying and the rest is pretty much the usual.  You know how I like to keep my dinners.  Quick and Delicious.  Here is this weeks line up.

July 23, 2021

Family, Food and Fun

Ever get home from a long vacation and feel like you need a vacation from that vacation?  This one wasn't anything like that.  If anyone in my family is reading this they are probably thinking wtf Kim, but I can explain.  This vacation for me, was beyond heart filling.  Saying goodbyes were hard, but I left each place happy to have had the chance to see everyone.  I wanted a real vacation, with sleeping in and relaxing and late night conversations.  It felt good and right. Sure we didn't do all the things we said we wanted to.  And didn't get to see all the extended family.  But I got to spend time with my all my brothers and sisters over the past few months and that means everything to me.

Coming home was bittersweet.  I miss my siblings and Mom something big.  But I know its time to get this show on the road.  We have been kinda living in limbo since April.  With selling and buying houses, moving with out the boys and visiting them every weekend.  And then as soon as we do bring them home, we up and leave for a 3 week vacation.  So coming home, felt like finally coming home.  School starts in a few weeks and other than one more trip down to San Antonio before that happens, I think we are finally ready to settle in.  I think.

Happy Friday

Which means its time to get back to my little corner of the internet and dust the cobwebs around here.  And there is no better day than today to to that.  Because Fridays are all about all the things that made us happy and thankful this week.  Or the last 3 weeks for me.  Im going to call this a condensed version.  If we are friends on IG you have and will probably see more.  Sorry not sorry.  So lets see what has my heart feeling so damn happy!

June 28, 2021

Menu Plan 6•28•21

 Another week. Another menu.  Its technically another half week menu because I hate leaving for a vacation with food still in the fridge.  So my goal is to cook two days and survive on whatever is left until we leave.  Sounds like a great plan right?  

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

I did get a few frozen things the guys can help themselves to and there is cereal too.  I got me some tofu and veggies to cook up for the week too.  I'll have a few bites of what I make them when Im cooking it but only for taste testing purposes.  I have had to much meat these last couple of weeks and I'm paying for it.  So Im trying to do better.  

So what am I making this week?  Here is this weeks menu.  Of sorts.

Hospitals, Hair Cuts and Hugs

 Rolling in late with my happy face.  Typical me.  True story, Im never on time.  I will forever be running on island time.  Its in my blood.  No changing that now.  Im also an optimist.  Almost always, so Im late and pretty sure thats ok!  

This week has been quite interesting.  Fridays are usually my day to reflect and share all my happiness, but we were away this weekend and even though we got home hours ago, I was a little busy with dinner and getting ready for the week.  So now Im crawling in bed and getting this happiness off my chest.

Sunrise over the fence

What made you happy this week?

My list is full of the little things.  Because, it doesn't take much to make me happy.  But the things that make me happy mean the world to me.  I live for the little things.

June 21, 2021

Menu Plan 6•21•21

 Happy Monday Y'all!

Its going to be a short one this week.  All of it.  The week, the menu, this post.  Im cutting it all short.  We are headed back to San Antonio for a birthday party and I need to get my labs check before he get the hell out of dodge for a while.  A get away with lots of togetherness is just what the doctor ordered.  But before we leave, I need to clean out the fridge and freezer.  

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

So this weeks menu, well, don't judge me.  Last week we ended up having 2 clean out the fridge days.  So I have some chicken I need to use up.  And I also have some salmon too.  I only had to shop for one meal this week and it was Alex's first pick.  What happens when my 12 year old gets to pick whats for dinner?  Did you guess right? Here is this weeks menu.  Or half of it anyways

June 18, 2021

Houston, Home and asking for Help

Happiness is

Life has been all sorts of crazy lately. Between moving and getting things set up to visiting the boys on the weekends until we were able to get them finished with school and home.  Then there are appointments to be scheduled, cancelled and rescheduled.  The internet took forever to get set up and then went down again.  Life hit a few big turns be we are still rolling with it here.  Despite it all, I am filled with happiness and thankful for where I am right now.

Things are finally starting to settle down and that alone makes me pretty happy.  Its been a while since I have shared my Friday happy posts, so Im gonna take a few minutes to reflect and think of some things that made me smile.  This weeks happiness for me this week looked a little like...