January 15, 2021

My One Word 2021

I feel like the last 2 years I have worked really hard to be where I am at today.  I have picked words for previous years but in 2019 I picked Grow and I did.  My word for 2020 was Unapologetic.  I had to work at this but I really do feel like it guided me to make many choices that helped me get though all that the year dropped in my lap.  And along the way, so much has changed.  Life, relationships, me.  All for the better.  What really mattered, what didn't.  What was worth working on, what to let go.  I was on a roll.

When the pandemic hit (still so crazy thinking in those terms) I watched as peoples whole lives came to a halt and their worlds came crashing down like pile up in a snow storm.  It was awful watching all the pain, struggle, and hate that manifested in it all.  In a time where we should have all been coming together, it seemed everyone just wanted to tear each other down.  

My One Word 2021

But this was all happening outside these 4 walls.  Inside our little house, life stayed warm and mostly hopeful.  It wasn't easy.  The only thing that really changed was having them home with me.  Even school from home was a fairly smooth transition.  Sure, the boys missed their friends, but they love having fresh food and drinks whenever they want. And thankfully, I love having them here all day.  I don't say this to brag but in thankfulness.  I felt so guilty for feeling so calm.  Enter my word for 2020. Unapologetic.  Im home all day because of my illness.  I never thought Id be thankful for that but I am. 


January 11, 2021

Menu Plan 1•11•21

Im rolling in late today with the menu.  I actually just realized I hadn't shared yet.  I shared it in my head but it didn't quite make it here.  How bizarre! Kidding, its just been a day.  And before I knew it, my "whats for dinner" alarm was going off.  Oh Monday.

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

We are actually headed out to get groceries in a little bit.  We were going to run to the store yesterday, but totally slacked and the weather was just miserable.  So we stayed in and stayed warm instead.  I put the order in and let them do the shopping for me.  If we are friends on Instagram you already got a sneek peek at the menu but if you aren't...why not?  Come say hello

Let's look at this weeks menu.

January 4, 2021

Menu Plan 1•4•20

I have gone back and forth on my menu plan.  Not so much what was on the menu but if I was going to continue sharing it here or not.  I feel like it was pretty much all I shared last year.  Menu after menu.  Does it get old?  Does it matter?  Its something I pretty much do to keep myself accountable.  And I like sharing them incase anyone else needs ideas.  Plus I kinda just like talking about food with anyone who will talk to me about food.  Food is life!

Meny Plan Monday

So here I am, kicking off the week with another menu plan.  

January 1, 2021

• 2021 •

 Happy New Year!  2021 is here.  2020 is gone.  How does it feel?

To me it kinda just feels the same.  Even though it was a crazy year, it wasn't only bad.  You know me, always looking for that silver lining.  The world was on fire, but inside my little bubble,  my home and my heart life managed to stay very steady and stress  free.  And I am so thankful for that.  Because I know it wasn't that way for so many others.

December 7, 2020

Menu Plan 12•7•20

And just like that it is Monday again!  Two days of weekend go by much faster than any two week days.  Le sigh.  But I was ready for today no matter what kind of crazy it could bring.  It has been actually kinda of great and that includes both boys going to the doctor and 5 different needles, so... I got this!

Hope Whispers Menu Monday

True story, we were going to go grocery shopping yesterday, but then we got hungry.  And we all know you can NOT go to the store hungry.  And since we were out running errands we just grabbed a pizza on the way home and called it a day.  So now, we have to head to the store later today.  But the menu is planned at least, so Im not totally failing.  Lets take a look

December 4, 2020

Monsteras, Morinings and Meditations

Just because Thanksgiving is over, doesn't mean we get to stop counting our blessings and not being thankful for all the things in our lives that are going right!  Fridays around here are all about the things that make us happy and that we are thankful and grateful for.  

Friday Happiness

This week seemed to drag on for me.  I'm guessing it was just because it is the first week back after a week off for the holiday.  And I was moping around since David had to go back to work.  But long doesn't equal bad.  It was actually a pretty good week all things considered.  And I am thankful for that in itself.  

Here are a few more things that made me happy this week.