October 17, 2021

Mornings, Miles and MRI results

Theres just something about taking the time to count your blessings.  Sure it might sound kind of silly but sometimes you just really need to look back at what did go right.  I don't know about anyone else but sometimes I don't realize just how much good there was in a week.  Friday rolls around and we are like "TGIF" and heres to surviving another week.  But when we look back, we didn't just survive.  We are so quick to be over with a week that was full of so many little bits of good and happy moments.  I digress. 

Mornings, Miles and MRI Results

One of my favorite things to do is go back and single out the little things.  My accomplishments, good choices and all the other bits and pieces that made me smile.  Sometimes they are big things.  And sometimes they are so small you almost miss them.  Like when a baby in the store smiles at you or the book you wanted is on sale.  Who knows.  I do know happiness is contagious and that its something this world needs more of so I figured Id get back to sharing mine here.  

Happiness for me this week looked a little like this...

October 11, 2021

Menu Plan 10•11

And just like that the weekend is over and we starting a new week!  Ive been having mixed feelings about Mondays.  Part of me wishes the weekend was just a day longer and the other part of me is excited to get things done.  I'll have to admit that I have had more bad days than good days so Mondays have been feeling like a fresh start to a week I just know isn't going to go as well as I want.  Now, Im usually a super optimistic person but holy hell I have been slipping lately.  And so begins the fun of getting my life together...again.  I am a work in progress y'all.  Don't judge!

Menu Plan Monday

So what else would I start with besides food.  Last week was kind of a train wreck and I threw this weeks menu together in 15 minutes at like 1am Friday night.  So needless to say its not the best, or the worst, but I will need to throw in some veggies and fruit.  As of right now I have no appointments this week but that will most likely change. So the dinners might too.  But for now heres what I have.

September 20, 2021

Menu Plan 9•20

I joke about how David and my menu plan are the two only things I can commit to in life.  But I have a small confession, I have cheated on my menu plan one to many times the last few months and it is time to get my self right with Cheesus. Y'all its hard.  I guess David is my only commitment after all.  Not that hes complaining.  HA!   I really do love that man!  But today let's talk about food!

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

But its a new week.  And here I am with yet another menu plan that hopefully will go as planned.  The guys picked out their dinners.  I added a few in for me.  I also plan on eating a few dinners with them by swapping out a few things.  This seems to be the easiest way to make make things work.  I have always said I will not be a short order cook.  I make one meal at dinner not something for everyone.  And here I am making my own separate dinners.  Le Sigh.  Trying to make it all work has been a struggle.  And if I don't make something for myself, I just end up not eating.  And then when we are getting in bed, David will be like "Wait, what did you eat for dinner?"  And I pretend to be sleeping but it never works.  So.  This week I will eat dinner all week and I will be tracking my food as well. 

September 6, 2021

Menu Plan 9•6•21

New week, new menu.  Anyone else get all sorts of lost when holidays fall on a Monday.  Like, do we have to go with the usual routine or can we just take the day off?  Le sigh.  If only it was that easy right?  I will say that I have milked about all the rest I could out of this weekend and I finally ended up getting out of the comfy bubble that is my bed and joined the living.  Even left the house to get stuff to make dinner.  No one was liking my hot pockets for dinner suggestion.  Yeah, thats how checked out I was earlier.  We ended up grabbing things to make burgers instead.  Impossible burgers for me and probably Anthony too.  He ate mine last time and didn't even know until I realized it was gone.  I should have figured it out when he said it was more "meatloafy" that usual. 

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

So since I was running on energy saving mode pretty much all weekend, I have to admit that I have yet to order groceries or even have any sort of menu planned.  It happens.  I do have a few ideas and thankfully the freezer is pretty full of meat options.   So I can pretty much figure it all out as I type.  Let's see how that works out for me.

August 31, 2021

Life Update

I kinda feel like Im falling behind here.  Its been quiet around here for way to long and I need to just jump back in and get back to it.  And probably share something other than a damned menu.  I have been more active on IG but even there, I have been laying low and trying to process life.  Lots of things here.

So let me tell you a little story and catch everyone up with the craziness I am so lucky to call life.  Most of it I have shared over the weeks but there are a few pieces of the puzzle to plug in.  So let's see.

August 23, 2021

Menu Plan 8•23

You guys.  Eating healthy is hard.  Ok not really hard but its hard when eating for you health means trying to listen to multiple doctors different restrictions.  The struggle is real.  Sigh.  I know I should be thankful for the health I have, and I am but damn if it sucks sometimes.  Its a challenge and something to overcome.  Thats what I keep telling myself anyways.  I got this!

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

This weeks menu was a collective effort.  I love the weeks when everyone puts in their suggestions and helps me plan the menu.  Its so much easier than trying to figure it all out myself.  Especially when 1, I have zero appetite and 2, Im not going to be eating any of it anyways.  So Im glad they all pitched in. 

Want to see what they chose?  Here is this weeks menu!