November 12, 2018

Menu Plan: November 12th

Hello Monday! Im not going to lie, the week is starting out on a busy note but Im hoping that just means it will only get better! Before it get into all that, lets talk food.

I had planned on planning better.  Then the weekend happened and the menu planning didn't.  So yesterday I pretty much just threw it all together and got my grocery order in.  Anthony suggested Chili, which will be perfect since a cold front moved it and we will need something warm mid week!  Here is what we will be cooking up this week!

November 9, 2018

Fresh Air, Penguin Fun & Family Time

Another week has come and gone.  Hello Friday!  This week went by surprisingly fast. It seems that it happened so fast, I barely had time to sit down and open up my computer.  Am I the only one that would still rather surf the net on a computer than the phone?  Ive also been avoiding staying online too much because politics brings out so much hate.  I have no problem with people having their own opinions and standing up for their beliefs, but holy hell does it get ugly!  I have no time for that.  I'm loving all the thankful posts and fall pictures.  Those make me super happy!

Speaking of happiness, its Friday and time to link up with the Peaceful Posse and share some things that made me happy this week.  Here are a few of my happy highlights!

November 5, 2018

Menu Plan: November 5

Okay Monday, I'm gonna need you to take it easy on me.  I have been pumped to start the last few weeks and each week has pretty much taken a nosedive.  I'm ready for a fresh, new, solid start to the week.  And I'm praying this is it.  Everyone is feeling better.  We had a great weekend.  And now it's time for a new week.  And a new menu.

This weeks line up is little different than most weeks.  But I let the guys pick out dinners and this is what they asked for.

November 2, 2018

Whats up weekend: November 2

Sometimes it feels like the harder I try, the worst things get.  I swear, I set out to have a good week and the whole week goes to hell in a hand basket, but when I'm sure its going to impossible, things go better than expected.

This week started out with Anthony being squeezed in to see his doctor.  30 minutes later, we are leaving with a new inhaler, steroids and antibiotics.  He has a double ear infection and his asthma is kicking his butt right about now.

By Wednesday, Anthony was feeling better and Chico decided it was a perfect time to go into a full on old man fit.  We dropped him off at the vet yesterday morning and prayed for some answers. But by the way he was acting, I was for sure he wasn't coming home.  Turns out his kidneys are up to something, hes anemic and he has an infection.  On top of that he is almost 17.  So he is home for the time being.  Because he is still eating, drinking and going to the bathroom ok the Dr suggested we make him comfortable, try some meds and check back in a few days to see how he is doing.  If there is not change, then we will be saying goodbye to our baby.  As much as I thought I was prepared for it, my heart hurts something awful.

Fridays on the blog are usually set aside for happiness.  This week, I feel like I'm getting beat up as soon as I get around every corner. But still, I'm moving forward.  And no matter how hard life pushes,  my only option is to push back.  So even though this has been one of the most exhausting and frustrating weeks ever, I'm linking up with my Peaceful Posse ladies Lindsay, Charlotte and Beth and will try to round up a few things that lifted me up this week.  Here we go!

October 29, 2018

Menu Plan: October 29th

Last week was a dud.  I was pumped to be feeling better and getting my week started with a bang.  And I did.  I think I was so pumped I didn't know what to do with myself.  I was very careful not to push it.  I got things done around the house and still had to lay down a few times and grab a nap.  

By Wednesday, things were looking not so great.  Anthony looked a little pale.  When he got home from school I knew he was going to be home the next day.  The hot and cold and wet weather did a number on his lungs and he was on his nebulizer around the clock.  He did go to school Friday because they were starting a project in one of his classes and he didn't want to get behind.  He rallied like a boss.  

Menu Plan Monday

I'm taking a note from him and I am going to just keep on going.  I'm telling you.  Last week is over and its a new week.  And a new week brings a new menu.  One with not one, or two, but THREE new recipes to try.  Alex is having a sleepover on Friday so they still have to decide what they want for dinner.  Here is what we have lined up this week...

October 22, 2018

Menu Plan Monday: October 22nd

Hey look its Monday afternoon and I'm out of bed.  I have made it to the dining table and have a whole mess spread spread out.  Catching up on calls and bills that need to get checked on.  I have a handful of appointments to make too.  And we wont even talk about the laundry that is piled in the laundry room.  I tried to snag a little something from the Scentsy Sale, but I hesitated and it sold out!  You snooze, you lose!

Menu Plan Monday

And while I wait for this lady to get my insurance information fixed and my bill corrected, we should talk about food!  Because its Monday.  And because there is always a good chance I will get sidetracked and forget to share.  Here is this weeks line up.