November 30, 2020

Menu Plan 11•30•20

Its the last day of the month!  I can't believe we are already to December.  Of 2020.  I keep going on about how ready I am to be done with this year,  and I am.  But there were a few good things that came out of all this craziness.  Getting to spend so much time with the guys.  Having the boys home for school.  And so many more little things that all add up.  Im just here, trying to see the good in it all.  You know me. 

Menu Monday

Anyways, its Monday.  And that means its time for another menu.  This weeks menu is comfort filled.  Its going to be a chilly week here in Texas, so we are staying warm from the inside out I guess.  I have been allowing myself a few bites of meat here and there.  Last night I a chicken wing with my dinner.  Living on the edge over here.  I kid, it wasn't much at all, BUT this week I will be cleaning up my nutrition.  It's time to focus.  Here is whats on the menu this week.

November 16, 2020

Menu Plan 11•16•20

 Another week, another menu.  This week caught me off guard and I needed a few things that I didn't trust the store shoppers to get for me so I had to actually go into the store!  The horror.  Actually, I had to go to three.  It was a long day for a person who never leaves the house.  But I found everything on my list plus some and didn't go over my budget.  

Menu Plan

The menu is a little all over the place.  Everyone has their own taste and this week no one was super sure about the recipes I sent them, so I just put all of it on the list and gave them a leftover day.  And declared that if there were no leftovers come Friday, David is in charge of feeding them.  Sounds fair right?

Here is what landed on the menu for this week

November 9, 2020

Menu Plan 11•9•20

Mondays!  Am I right?  Its kind of crazy to think that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  And then before we know it...Christmas.  Le sigh.  Maybe that is a little to heavy to talk about today.  I guess I'll stick to my usual Monday topic.  Food.

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

The whole, send the guys pictures and let them pick dinners has become my new favorite thing.  Mostly because my teenager picks like I would.  If it looks good, let's try it.  Im so glad all these guys really, have such a good sense of adventure when it comes to what we eat.  They will try just about anything once.  They will finish their plates, even if it isn't the greatest.  And they are brutally honest when they give their food critiques.  Better than I am at at taking them without getting butt hurt. This week everything should be two thumbs up.  We are trying three new recipes that are twists of some of our favorites, so it will be interesting.  Here is what is on the menu this week.

November 2, 2020

Menu Plan 11•2•20

 I love how much a new month can feel like a reset button.  New weeks are cool too.  New menus though, are where the real fun is at!  Somewhere along the way I lost my love of cooking.  Maybe not my love of cooking but I lost the joy in it.  Probably right around the time I had to cook meat and not eat it.  But things have turned a corner.  And I have found a compromise.  I allow myself one "little meat day."  One day a week that I can have a few bites of what ever the guys are having.  But not a whole meal because, I know what happens when I do that.  I really do feel so much better off the meat but being able to have a taste of the best meal of the week makes the obsessing over it all disappear.  Last week I saved up for that lumpia.

Menu Monday

This weeks menu is a good one I think.  And Im not sure which day I want or if I will even have any of it.  Mostly because I have all the fixings for some sushi bowls that I can't get enough of.  But who knows.  Here is what I am making this week.

October 30, 2020

Peace, Playing and a new Program

Its Friday.  Hallows Eve.  And there are no ghouls in sight.  Halloween just isn't feeling very spooky after the disaster that has been 2020.  But we are trying.  The boys at one point said they wanted to go trick or treating.  But have changed their minds and asked that we just do something cool and fun together.  So who knows what the weekend holds in store for us.

Halloween Weekend

Fridays around here are all about taking a look back at the week and sharing some happiness.  Finding the little moments that made you happy.  Things you are grateful and thankful for.  Its just nice to go into the weekend knowing that the week wasn't as bad as it may have seemed.  Or just a reminder of how blessed you are.  Here are the things that made me happy this week.

October 29, 2020

A day off?

I woke up this morning and though to myself.  Ok, just take a deep breath, get up and do what you need to do and before you know it, it will be bed time.  Just get though the day.  The pillow hype talk was strong this morning.  I got up and did my thing.  Then as I was setting out my journal I checked my calendar.  Yall.  Today is a day off.  What?

Day off?

I started this journey just 2 months ago. And for two months straight I have worked out (all but 2 Saturdays). This week I started a new running program and unlike the last program, there are rest days AND days off.  Im not gonna lie, Im struggling between "just take the day off" and "just get out there and move!"  Out of routine I got up and got dressed like I was going to workout so why not just do it right?  But they wouldn't have put a day off in there just for fun.  I RAN yesterday. Fast.  Like I haven't ran in years.  So maybe I should take the day off.  I could actually get some things done around here with out having to rush it all.  And take my my medicine now and get it over with.