April 4, 2022

Menu Plan 4•4

Prices aren't just going up at the pump.  They are going up at the grocery stores too!  Anyone else notice it?  You would think with one less adult around my bill would go down but no such luck.  I guess the fact that I now have two teenage boys with bougie tastes has something to do with it too.  I tried my best to make sure they have a diverse palate and now they think we can afford to eat like kings every day!

Im kidding. Sorta.  They do love them some good food.  If they could have it their way we would have an endless supply of sushi grade tuna, crab legs, steaks and exotic meat.  And lumpia.  Alex asked for me to roll some up this week and I had to say no.  Im starting a 4 week program that focuses on gut health and so its 4 weeks of eliminating triggers and focusing on eating mostly veggies.  I figured deep fried lumpia wouldn't not be approved.  I will make them for him once I feel like I can control myself and not eat them too.  I cant imagine week one would be a good week for it. 

Menu Plan Monday

I was worried that this new "diet" would be hard to figure out because I had to make sure that everything was kid friendly and tweak-able to our families needs.  Turns out its actually going to be a lot easier than I thought.  Mostly its about measuring portions.  Thankfully we are used to eating lots of veggies.  I almost worry I won't be able to eat all the portions Im supposed to.  We will see.  Anyways, come check out this weeks menu!

March 28, 2022

Menu Plan 3•28

Last weeks menu was a good one.  The boys made some good picks.  This week is looking to be just as tasty too.  On Friday David and I offered to take the boys out to eat anywhere they wanted.  And much to my surprise they were determined to stick to the menu plan.  They were non going to miss out on these spicy salmon maki bowls for anything.  I suppose I should be happy that they prefer a home cooked meal to eating out.  And thankful that its a pretty easy dinner to throw together.

Menu Plan Monday

Everything this week is pretty easy as well.  The goal is to be prepared this week and have dinner ready by the time we get back from school or at least before 5.  We did eat a little later than usual last week.  But thats ok.  We are starting fresh this week.  Check out this weeks menu!

March 27, 2022

Coffee Mugs. Catching up. Coming Home.

I was telling David about how much I struggled last week when he went back to work. I have had it easy this year. Like crazy easy. Having him home was the best. But now that hes back to it, I had to tap in. And last week was week one. On Monday an actual raincloud was following me. It was wet and cold. We got rained on coming and going to school. Tuesday was even worse. And by Wednesday I was just salty. On the walk home I stopped by the pond and took a few deep breaths. I was actually annoyed by the seagulls. I stood there for a few minutes, letting the doubt play though my head. I could hear the comments people made.  

"Could I handle this?"  

"Would I be ok on my own?"   

Choose Happy

Now, I am usually a pretty positive kinda girl.  Im great at seeing the silver lining.  Always looking on the bright side.  So when I let negativity in, it gets pretty ugly.  And it takes a lot to pull me out of it.  But as I watching the ripples on the water, the sunshine on my face just melted all my frustration away.  And I realized how ungrateful I was being.  I know things are the way they are so that we can better ourselves.  I know that its a good thing David is working again and that I should be thankful that my health allows me to be walking or riding Alex to school.  It was a reminder to make note of all the things I was missing.  The little moments that made me smile but were forgotten about because I was in such a sour mood.  

Let's be real, I really don't have the time to sit down for a pity party right now. If I have to stop and take in that view every morning and get my heart straight, I will. This is me, choosing HAPPY!

Here are 10 things that made me happy this week!

March 21, 2022

Menu Plan 3•21

What happens when you leave the meal planning in the hands of a teenage boy.  Seems kinda like playing with fire, I know.  But to my defense, or maybe its to his, this kid takes his meals seriously.  Not only did he come up with meals for the whole week, but I have a whole list of ideas for the following weeks too.  Are you shocked?  Don't be shocked! Hes pretty amazing.

Menu Plan

There were some rules.  I told him we still had to keep it somewhat healthy, but he could throw some comfort food in there.  And I told him I wasn't frying anything.  He chose dinners that he knew we all enjoyed and that would be easy.  So thoughtful!  The younger one wanted fried foods and things he couldn't even eat because of his braces. 

Check out this weeks menu

March 20, 2022

Spring Break. Sweet Baby. Spilled Beans.

Well its back to reality.  David started work again and I lost my wing man.  No more random trips to the plant store.  No more spur of the moment lunch dates and walks in the park.  I guess it was to good to last.  Not us, but the both of us home and up to no good.  He is back to adulting!  Would you love having your spouse home with you all day?  Or do you think you would drive each other crazy?

And since I no longer have my partner in crime to keep me company I might find myself here more often.  Obviously I could have popped in more over the last few months, but Im not going to lie.  We didn't do much worth sharing.  I suppose I could have shared all the shows and movies we watched while we cuddled up on the couch.  And all the dr drama we have all gone though, but theres time for that now.  I just enjoyed his company.  I know, people tell me we are weird, but he is truly my best friend.  And yes, Im totally going to be pouting about it for a minute.  Sorry not sorry.

One of my favorite ways to get over things is to count my blessings and think of all the things I am thankful for so,  looks like I sharing some happy thoughts.  Let's go!

January 31, 2022

Menu Plan 1•31•22

The first menu plan of the new year.  I have gone back and forth on if I should keep sharing these here.  Mostly they are for me to hold myself accountable.  And because I can just check in here when I forget and am trying to figure out what I am supposed to be making for dinner.  It happens!  At least 4 times a week.  I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes I need a little help trying to figure out what to make, so I love looking at other peoples menus too.  So here we are!

Menu Plan

I have been slacking.  No not slacking, more like organizing.  My life, my thoughts, all of it.  But like I mentioned in yesterdays post, Im ready to get back into this space of mine.  Although I haven't been sharing them here, I have still be sticking to it.  Making my menu, ordering groceries, sometimes even going into the store when I need to.  Now if only I could commit to exercise the way I stick to a menu plan.  Another thing to work on I guess.  Let's see what we are eating this week.

BANG BANG SHRIMP • get the recipe here

I came across this recipe on Pinterest and Ant was looking over my shoulder.  He is the best about helping with my menu.  My little foodie.  So I figured if he like the look of it, I would just throw it on the menu.  We will be having it with a cauliflower fried rice and some butter lettuce for those that want to wrap them. With David watching his carbs non, we have been eating mostly keto-ish.  Its been a change but not a real hard one.  


So Im a little skeptical of the name.  As I am of all things that claim to be the best, but Im interested to see what the guys think.  Im gonna say it will be a hit just because it has bacon in it.  Bacon and cream cheese, whats not to love.  Its on of the heavy meals of the week.

CHICKEN COBB SALADget the recipe here

Never would I have expected to hear Alex ask for a salad as a dinner pick.  Hes not a picky eater, but he does tend to lean towards the more unhealthy options.  Salad is his new go to pick.  A good Cobb Salad is a close runner up to buffalo chicken salad.  Again...there is bacon but I don't bake but a few slices for them, so Im not going to sweat it.  Im just happy I can have dinner with them this time,  I just won't top mine with chicken!  Winning.

AIR FRIED SALMON • get the tik tok recipe here

David sent me this.  He knows how much I love me some air fried salmon.  So I threw it on the menu. This was going to be my one meat allowance of the week until I added the shrimp.  Hmmm.  Anyways. He asked if I could make cheesy broccoli with it.  I agreed but Anthony asked for asparagus so we will roast up some spears too.  And serve it all on some more greens because why not.  I will have to figure this one out because we all know to many greens + blood thinners = trouble for me.  I can have some but not all.  Maybe some mini bell peppers then! Yum!

GREEN CHILI ENCHILADAS • I don't have a recipe for these

Another pick of Davids.  Now.  This man hasn't had a tortilla in months.  And he asks for this?  So I got some lower carb corn tortillas and told him I would make them, minus the rice and beans that traditionally go with it.  He agreed and said I could make this on Friday and count this as my anniversary gift to him!  Y'all, this man!  Fine, but then he will have to treat me Saturday, on our actual anniversary.  Or make something for him and the boys so I won't have to cook.  And that can be his gift to me.  This is what it has come to.  Dang! 

Menu Plan Monday

A few weeks ago, I started feeling a little more tired than usual.  The liver clinic was checking in with me weekly.  Following up on my endoscopy and then the next two weeks because I wasn't feeling well.  I was doing great until then I wasn't.  My Encephalopathy was showing its ugly face and I had to admit that I haven't been eating as strictly as before.  More meat mostly. First we talked about maybe eating smaller portions only.  And then David told me she said only once a week if I really wanted it.  I don't actually remember that appointment.  I do remember her telling me at my last in person appointment that if nothing was working we could try liquid diet for a few months and go from there.  UM...hard pass.  I will cut back on my meat and try everything before we resort to that. Please!  

So, salmon or shrimp?  Which should I have?  Does seafood count as meat?  If its ok for Lent is it ok for liver disease?  Im going to have to call the good Doc and ask huh? Le sigh.  Oh the joys of chronic illness.  

So thats this weeks round up.  I really need to start planning weekend meals too.  I have a parrot fish in the freezer that needs to find its way to the oven soon.  Maybe I will do that this weekend!  More seafood.  You can take the girl from the islands, but not the island from the girl!  

Im always looking for more dinner ideas so feel free to drop me some suggestion below.  Or just say hi.  Thats cool too! Happy Monday Y'all.