June 18, 2021

Houston, Home and asking for Help

Happiness is

Life has been all sorts of crazy lately. Between moving and getting things set up to visiting the boys on the weekends until we were able to get them finished with school and home.  Then there are appointments to be scheduled, cancelled and rescheduled.  The internet took forever to get set up and then went down again.  Life hit a few big turns be we are still rolling with it here.  Despite it all, I am filled with happiness and thankful for where I am right now.

Things are finally starting to settle down and that alone makes me pretty happy.  Its been a while since I have shared my Friday happy posts, so Im gonna take a few minutes to reflect and think of some things that made me smile.  This weeks happiness for me this week looked a little like...

June 14, 2021

Menu Plan 6•14•21

Oh Monday.  I am happy to see you but I was not prepared at all.  Last week was a blur.  Who am I kidding.  My whole life right now is a blur.  But Im here.  And getting this week planned out.  Even if it is already pushing 2pm.

Last week we ended up having to run back down to San Antonio for a quick one night trip to grab medicine that got left behind.  Let me tell you, being a mom is a worry filled job.  But I having to worry about medication, for myself and now Anthony is the devil spawn of worry, fear and exhaustion.  I don't know how else to explain my feelings when I realized we brought Anthonys refrigerated medication but totally left all his other pills behind.  We were so focused on making sure we had the cold meds cold enough.  After all, they are the most expensive and hard to get. 

This week brings us a garage appointment, a vaccine appointment, and a couch!  I am so excited to have a couch.  Even if we forgot to measure it until after we bought it and will now have to figure that out too.  I also had to cancel appointments down in San Antonio because, that just not going to happen this week.  Instead we are going to stat home and continue getting things here situated.  There are still boxes everywhere.  

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

And of course we are behind and haven't done our grocery shopping but we will get that done here shortly.  The dinners are planned though so we are half way there.  So much to do and all I want to do is lay in the sun and read a book.  Ohhh, I am adding "buy a hammock" to my to do list.  Back to the menu, here is what we came up with this week!

May 31, 2021

Menu Plan • May 31st

It’s been a minute. But I woke up this morning in our new home, with my whole family under one roof and it just feels perfect. It feels good to be taking up some space here too. And that also means I need to get back on track. With the blog, with the menus…with life.  Can I just say that 2 weeks in a hotel and another 2 weeks in the house with out a fridge, was quite challenging. The proof is in my hips. HELLO!

When I say that our lives have been completely turned upside down over the past few weeks I am not being dramatic. I have so much I want to share but I’m going to try to break it all down so I’m not just dropping it all at your feet in one day. Today is about food so let’s just stick with that. 

Menu Plan

When it comes to getting our weekly menus together, almost always have a little help.  I ask the guys for suggestions and am always blown away at their responses.  They will give me a few lighter healthier dishes and then throw in something heavy.  This week 2 out of 3 suggested pasta.  Well Anthony asked for pasta and David suggested Shrimp Alfredo. Alex only ever suggests the same 2 things.  Lumpia and Arroz con Pollo. Not this week son!  I threw in Mushroom chicken as my meat meal for the week because it is my comfort food and something tells me I’m gonna need a pick me up come mid week.  Lots of changes happening.  Here is what all made the cut this week

February 26, 2021

Finding, Falling and For All Mankind

 A week ago, there was still snow on the ground.  Half the city was with out power and water and life felt like it was standing still.  A week later, no snow, power and water restored to most and it feels like we have finally fallen back into routine.  The boys made it though another week of distance learning.  They got a snow week and now there is one week till spring break.  Spring Break.  It will always be where this all started.  A friend of mine calls it the great pause.  I like that.  

Life has been coming in waves.  Things are calm and quiet for a while then they pick up and knock me around a little bit.  And then just when I think I might lose my mind, smooth as glass.  I have been working really hard to stay balanced and calm.  Yesterday was a challenge but Im feeling it today.  Maybe just because its Friday but  I feel better than I have felt in years.  Like 20.  I feel relaxed.  Somedays borderline just not giving a damn, but in a good way.  I am happy.  And it feels good.

While I usually am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, Im going to just sit in this and enjoy it instead.  I struggle with feeling guilty for feeling good when there is so much bad in the world.  Like really struggle.   But for today, because its Friday and we all know Fridays around here are about happiness, Im going to share it.  And Id love to hear what made y'all happy too!  

For all Mankind

Here are a few moments from the week that made me smile.

February 19, 2021


I wanted to share a big long list of all the things that made me happy this week.  But it doesn't feel right to throw it out there when there are so many in our state right now that are struggling.  Families with out power or water.  So Im going to keep it short and sweet this week.


In a week that quickly went from excitement to worry there were pockets of happiness.  And Im holding on to those extra tight.  Im also holding on to the ones I love extra tight too.  It was a tough week but that doesn't mean it was without smiles and happiness.  There were a few things.  Like...

February 16, 2021

Menu Plan 2•15•21


Im running late this week.  As is everything else in Texas.  It snowed, like really snowed yall, and life kinda happened.  So Im rolling in on a Tuesday with my menu.  That was planned, then needed to be adjusted when the stores were out of things and I remembered that its Ash Wednesday and Lent too, so thats two meatless meals this week.  Then we like so many others right now had to shut off our water thanks to frozen pipes.  Alex and I both had appointments to cancel.  Thankfully David is home and not on the road.  Lots of craziness and lots of blessings.

Hope Whispers Menu Monday

I wasn't super specific about what we are having this week.  It was more like a "what do we have and what can we get" kinda plan.  The store was out of so much with everyone buying up all the food.  It might not all be balanced perfectly but I am just thankful to have stuff to put on the table.  In such a crazy time, I know I am blessed to have what I do.   SO what did I come up with?  Lets see...