December 16, 2022

Family, flowers and finally some sleep!

One of the biggest things I have missed about this little space of mine is Friday Happiness posts. Sharing all the little things that made me smile though out the week. Sometimes its easy and I could go on for ever and some weeks I have to really dig deep just to come up with a handful of moments that brought me some happiness. But its just such a mindset shift when I go back over them and realize they are there. And seriously, even if you don't write it down, especially on the hardest weeks, take a minute to find even just one thing that made you smile.

What made me happy this week

This week marks week 2 with the new puppy and the last week of school before Christmas break for the boys. So needless to say, its been a bit of a doozy. Thunder is learning his place and manners.  And both of the boys are tired of studying for all the finals they squeezed in before break. They are a little burned out and in need of this break. And on top of everything, I feel like I am fighting off some kind of bug. My throat is killing me and I am just drained. But I know there are so many bright moments in this week.

So, what made me happy this week? Here are some things I am thankful for this week.

Kennel up
He quickly grew into and almost out of this kennel in just 2 weeks!!

Thunder is a boss at sleeping in the kennel at night.

Family facetime on Moms Birthday.

Finally buying some Christmas presents. 

Naked and Afraid. Its my newest obsession!

Journaling and realizing how much progress I have made in 2022. 

Hitting my sleep goal multiple times. 

Cracking open a new book. 

Flowers on my lemon tree!

Trying a few new recipes this week!

Finding the boys and Thunder cuddled up and sleeping.

Napping with the puppy
Adding this one to my collection of dog/boy naps. lol

The week just kind of flew right by.  Im thankful for the sleep I have been able to get and I know its mostly because, puppies are exhausting. If anything, I am so thankful that our bedtime routine has pretty much settled itself and getting Thunder to kennel up for the night is much easier. During the day, well, we aren't talking about that just yet!

So Christmas shopping has been interesting. We pretty much have 1 and a half days to do any shopping together because hes always away with work and only home for Friday and Saturday. Its pretty much come down to me adding things to the collective list and then deciding what to order when we get some together and alone time.

I started a new book on Wednesday and in typical Janet Evanovich style, I could not put it down. Im 75% done. Turns out I had some time to read while Thunder slept and to help me ignore the bad puppy behavior. And it also helps that he likes to just sit out side and chill.  Perfect for reading.

I have not been consistent with my journaling. But as Im working on getting back to it and writing about my reflections I have realized how far I have come this year. My word for the year was heal, and I have done so much of that. Digging down in the deep dark and traumatic stuff was the hardest, but just like then, I survived. And Ive learned a lot about myself along the way. Self work is hard, but holy crap is it worth it! Im so thankful to have gotten to this point.

Also, I tried tortellini for the first time in my life this week. How have I never tried  or cooked them before? Cheese stuffed pastas? The boys were super happy about that dinner!

There was so much more that made me smile this week but Im going to stop there. Its about time for a potty break and his afternoon manners class. I tell you what! As exhausting as a puppy is, this guy keeps me busy. In the best kind of way. Being alone all day while the boys are away was not good for my mental health. At all. Its nice to have company again. Thats the reminder I tell myself anyways when he pees on the floor! HA! Im kidding.

So what made you happy this week? Id love to hear about it. But even if you don't feel like sharing, take a few minutes to look back and find some things. Because anything that makes you smile, its worth thinking about and smiling again!  Happy Friday Y'all! 

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