February 17, 2023

Together, Tired and The Transplant List

This week felt like the week before Christmas for me. And today is the day. We are about to be a whole family again. David is coming back to to work locally and wont be on the road all the time. Financially it is going to be a bit of a stretch BUT right about now, Id do anything to have us all under one roof for more that just the weekend. I am beyond excited for that man to walk through my door later today!

Not even the amount of cleaning I need to do or the rough adjustment period I have already warned him about will take this smile off my face.  So in the spirit of my happiness, because its Friday, and because it has been a while since I have done one of these posts, here are a few things that have been making me happy lately.

The countdown to today. Ive been told before that David and I have a weird relationship. Mostly because we actually enjoy each others company and hardly ever get on each others nerves. And anyone who knows us, knows we do everything together. So him being gone all week was a BIG adjustment for both of us. We made it work. And I learned a lot about myself over the last year. But together is so much better. 

Davids Side Chick

It also makes me happy that the poor Durango wont be run like a racehorse anymore. David loves this thing, but I know it hurt him to rack up so many miles so quickly. 

Its been nice having a dog in the house again. I mean, the puppy phase is a bit much, but damn I love this guy. The boys love to face time me when I am out so that I can tell him what to do, because he wont listen to them. He will, but any excuse to watch him tilt his head is worth it. Hes so much fun. But I am tired!

Off the list

I love how this letter says "I know this could be disappointing" and here I am adding it to my happy list. I was taken off because I was stable. I cant be mad at that. Plus the new doctor has already talked about putting me back on, so I will just enjoy it while I can. I think the fact that I am to healthy to need a transplant right now is a good thing. Im happy for the health I have.

Also happy to have a plan with my primary doctor. After years of worrying about all my other health issues and not focusing on my PCOS, the new Doc calls me diabetic! My sugar has been running rampant for years and its on me for not staying on top of it. SO, after trying a single medication over the last 6 months with no change, we are trying plan B. For now it involves more meds and probably will always be on at least one of them for the rest of my life, but while everything else is "stable' I need to focus on this. Not super excited about a new diagnosis, but thats my life for you!

Lots of big changes about to happen and Im here for it. We have been living up in the air for a while and Im excited to just catch my breath and know Im where I need to be and that we are all together. 

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.


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