January 10, 2023

Menu Monday 1•9•23

Anyone else still trying to find their way back to better eating in the new year? Or at least back to creating a weekly menu plan and sticking to it! Just me? 

One thing Im working on this month is to get back to having my menus planned before the weekend, so I can get my shopping done before the Sunday rush situation we have going on in the house currently. Im pretty ok with sticking to the menu, its the executing of shopping that messes me up. Partly because I am unable to drive myself to the store. And partly because I procrastinate and throw my list together on Saturday in a huff. Yeah, I need to be better about that part. 

This weeks menu

This week was close. If we are IG friends, you might have seen the whole curbside drama. I love our local grocery store, but going in to the store is like fighting a whole cackle of hyenas. The store is packed and its hard to get up to the produce bins. So I usually do curbside, but their shoppers have been slacking so, I need to make a plan moving forward. Plus if I go in to the store there is a little shop there by the exit that my wallet would appreciate me avoiding. Le sigh.  

OK lets talk menu.  Here is what we have lined up this week!

Quinoa Enchilada Casserole.  Figured its about time to get back to meatless Mondays. Partly for health and maybe a little because why the hell are groceries so damn expensive. Shoot! I have made this many times before but usually add chicken. But the original recipe is meatless. And with it being so flavorful, you don't even miss the meat! A winner in our book!

Baked Chicken Thighs. I saw a video somewhere of a lady cooking up some pan fried chicken thighs and southern green beans with bacon.  I didn't save it but I have been thinking about it since, so Im going to see what I can come up with and pray it hits the spot! But Im going to bake them, because there will be some fried food this weekend. Balance y'all!

Cheesy Baked Tortellini.  The last time I made this, was our first time having tortellini. The boys were instantly in love. Im not a bit fan of pasta sauce, so for me it was ok. But the dish was requested again for this week and its easy and one of their new favs so who am I to say no?!

Kalua Pork and Cabbage.  Now this is a dinner I can get behind. Not only is it one of my childhood favorites, its quick and easy because its made in the Instant Pot. I have mine with cauli-rice and the boys will ask for white rice Im sure. UGH its so good. I can't wait!

Sausage Sheet Pan.  This is a quick dinner for one of those nights I just want to make something and get it over with.  I know Im not the only parent who needs a break from cooking dinner every day right?  Alex asked me the other night if it got boring cooking every single day. Yes son, thats why I beg for take out on the weekend. Not because I want to eat junk but so I don't have to dirty my kitchen. Selfish maybe. Im calling it self care!

Grandmas Fried Chicken.  As much as I like not having to cook, its cheaper to just do it at home.  So this weekend I think I might fry up some chicken legs at home and serve them with some salads and other veggies. 

Menu Plan Monday

Im still working on making meals both the boys and I can eat.  I have been dealing with more pain and nausea lately so Im trying really hard to be even more mindful of what I am eating. I will probably skip the sausage and stick to just veggies. And will probably end up eating leftovers from something instead of the fried chicken.  My nutritionist said I was ok to have my shakes just not to use them as a meal replacement, so that helps when I am not eating complete meals.

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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