February 13, 2023

Menu Plan 2•13

And we are back!  The boys had their second winter break last week and we enjoyed having David home too. This morning, I woke up feeling like I was ready to take on a little change. Which is good, because it looks like change is coming. After this week, David should be back working here in town. I get my husband back and I have a feeling that is gonna take a little time to get used to. 

But for now Im just going to enjoy the last week cooking for my boys, who are little foodies and always down to try new things. Which is good because this weeks menu has not one but three new to us recipes. This will be interesting.  Here is what I have planned.

Menu Plan Monday

Taco Cups • A few weeks ago, I had put eggroll wrappers on my HEB order and was given wonton wrappers instead. So when I saw THIS recipe pop up on Instagram I thought, why not. 

Tuscan Chicken • This is a recipe that I have had saved on Pinterest for years and never got around to trying. The flavors are different from our usual and I don't know how, but I don' think I have ever used sun dried tomatoes in anything. Fingers crossed.

Roasted Chicken Quarters • I saw a recipe for somewhere so I added them to the menu but then I realized I didn't remember where I saw it and I didn't save it anywhere, so Im totally going to just either wing it or hopefully find it. Gotta love that brain fog, because I have no idea which recipe it was that I was wanting to make!

Salmon Sushi Bake • Ill probably save this one for Friday so David can enjoy it too. But the boys LOVE it. Plus we had everything we needed for it here so, yay for one less meal to buy!  Groceries are killing me and I know Im not the only one!

Sashimi Night • The boys and I are the only ones who will enjoy this so I figured I better squeeze it this week too. 

With everyone under one roof, I have a feeling my time in the kitchen will increase.  The weekends were usually clean out the fridge nights or we would grab something while we were out. Not only will I have another mouth to feed, I will have another lunch to pack. The boys have just been buying lunch but even though they have delicious options, they usually just go through the quick line and then eat junk. So Ill probably start packing them lunch a few days a week too.  

Menu Plan Monday

Back to the kitchen I go! Hopefully I can fall back in love with cooking and preparing meals for my family. After having to move between so many different dietary needs and restrictions, it all got a little overwhelming. But Im ready and excited to get back in there. Actually Im just excited to have my husband back!  If it takes more cooking, Im game!

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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