January 26, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: January 26th


Am I the only one who can't believe its almost February?  The whole first month of the year is already coming to a close.  And I have already been horrible at sticking to my menus.  This week my big brother is in town and the last thing I want to do is spend most of the afternoon in the kitchen.  My kitchen is currently filled with dirty dishes and guess what, I don't really care.  Ill get to them later after everyone goes to bed. He treated the boys and I to Chic Fil A tonight.  Tomorrow I will cook for sure.

Take out.

Enchiladas, rice and beans.

Spaghetti and salad.


Fish and Chips.

Chicken Adobo with rice and salad.

Its a pretty simple week.  No big surprise there!  Next month David and I celebrate our 11th anniversary and there is a 90% chance he will be working nights.  BOO!  So I figured I would make him a nice lunch before he leaves for work that day. Not sure what yet but I will try to do something special that day.  Any ideas? We never do much but something tells me this year we both need it.

What's on your menu this week?  Do you have fall back recipes for the weeks where you just don't know what to make or don't feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen?  I live for quick and easy homemade meals.  And I would love some more recipes.

January 25, 2015

Weekend Adventures: O.P. Schnabel Park

The weather has been amazing this weekend.  Much better than the past few rainy and gloomy days we had last week.  So there is no way we were gonna miss out on enjoying the sunshine.  We packed up and headed out to our favorite spot.  O.P Schnabel Park has been our go to park for a few years now.  Its close to the house and has a lot to offer.  Trails, parks, picnic areas, basketball courts and the YMCA.


First we walked. And walked and walked.  This boy was so excited to lead us into the woods!  If he could have it his way we would never follow a paved path.  This same kid also led us down a path that turns out to go back to the main road.  2 miles later a nice man that was running by happened to hear us trying to figure out where we were headed and we turned around and headed back.  


We took on of the many unpaved paths back.  We love exploring down by the stream.  There is a rock pile that the boys claim will be the perfect picnic spot next time!  We were looking for deer and bunnies but I'm pretty sure they were all hiding from us.  The boys have yet to master the art of being quiet and observing.


Of course we had to stop to skip some rocks.  This lead to muddy shoes and wet jeans but to see the joy on this kids face when his rock skipped 5 whole times was worth more than a years worth of laundry!  Alex is the master of the 1 skippers and big splashes.  Im pretty sure when I do their laundry, I will find flat rocks in their pockets for next time.


Next we were headed to the playground.  But first we stopped to check out this super cool stick fort.  I remember seeing the beginning of this on our last trip but I think people are just adding to it as they pass by. I know we did.  There is even a stump in the middle of it to sit on!


We were all pretty drained after our almost 5 mile walk so this happened.  The Chamoy City Limits truck was out and to exciting to pass up.  We got the Dreamsicle.  And between the 5 of us, we still couldn't finish it.  Plus when I was eating it, a wasp decided to have some too.  They were everywhere for some reason. Probably just enjoying the weather like the rest of us.  Be sure to check out the Chamoy City Limits of FB and see where they will be next!


We love the new playground!  The old one had metal slides that would burn your bottom like crazy during the summer.  They have this spinning thing that you stand on and someone spins you.  Alex loved it of course. Because he is crazy like that.  Anthony mostly enjoyed these rings.  And we got to see his 3rd grade teacher who was out enjoying the day with her family too.

We love going to the park but hope to add a few new parks to the list this year.  Do you have a favorite park? What do you look for in a park?  We need more than a park.  That's why we love OP.  There is so much to do and explore that the boys never get bored.  Its one of the few times we let our 5 more minute warning turn into an hour later!

January 23, 2015

Friday 5: Five +1 reasons to adopt an older dog

Walter the foster dog may have found a home.  And the other night David and I were talking about our next foster.  He has got his eyes set on a certain dog.  He favors the 18 month range.  We have had all ages of foster dogs. We had an 14 week old and Walter is our oldest at 5-ish.  As for our own dogs, Chico is going on 15 this year and Poncho will be 5 this year too.

Poncho says " You show me who called you old" 

A few weeks ago while Walter was out at an Adoption Event, a kid walked up to him and asked about him. My heart about broke when the mom said Walter was to old and only had a few years left.  I really had to bit my lip to keep from saying something.  He is 5.  Yes for a Dane that is older, but not OLD!  I've heard of Danes living to be 12 and 13 years old.  And whats wrong with an older dog anyways?  He has by far, been the easiest of all our fosters!  Why?

  1. The most common question I get is "Are they potty trained?"  Yes!  Most older dogs are already house trained.  No puppy pads and puddles on the floor.  So little presents scattered around the house.  I find that to be the hardest part about puppies.  They are messy little things.  Bigger dog, bigger messes.  And if they are not trained yet, say because they spent their life chained to a tree outside (just saying), older dogs are quicker to catch on.  

  2. Chewing.  Enough said?  No one likes finding their favorite pair of sneakers shredded and in a pile of slobber.  Ever had to wrestle a 70lb puppy for a shoe the dog decided its a better chew toy for him than a shoe for the kid that has outgrown ever other pair of shoes you bought him?  Ever been woken from a deep nights sleep wondering why it sounds like someone is cutting a tree down only to find your kenneled puppy chewing on your window sills from between warped kennel bars?  Older dogs are done with that puppy teething stage.  They know bones are for chewing not dining chairs. 

  3. Are you a napper?  Or maybe you have younger children?  Trying to put the baby down for a nap when the puppy is whining for your attention too.  Wait!  The puppy!  Where is that little thing? You put him in the kennel he cries.  You let him out to potty and when you let him back in he is peeing before you can shut the door.  Puppies are a full time job.  Yes the idea of your baby and the puppy growing up together is a fun idea.  But its like having 2 babies.  Are you ready for that?  We have all seen puppy energy right?  Older dogs are much more low key.  Much less energy needed.  And you will have a little more time to breathe and enjoy the new dog too!

  4. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?  You better believe you can.  I find it has always been easier to teach the older boys things than any puppy I've ever had.  They have a more patience and know that when the treats come out its time to learn not time to play.  Which also helps get things done faster. Poncho learned "speak" in just an hour.  He also learned shake by watching the little one do it. Granted some dogs are more stubborn than others.  Just saying...CHICO!

  5. You know what you are getting.  I can not tell you how many big dogs I have seen surrendered because they got this sweet little puppy that grew and grew. I kid you not!  I read once a lady was given the sweetest little hound dog.  Turned out to be a Great Dane and she needed to rehome him because he was to big for her.  With a full grown dog, what you see is what you get.    
And just because I love them so much, one more reason to adopt an older dog.  They need love too.  There are so many older dogs sitting in the shelter or getting over looked at rescue adoption events.  For what?  Do they not deserve to have homes too?  Or to be hugged and loved.  Imagine if we gave up on out human elders as people do to dogs.  Loving them for their last few years might be hard on you, but its worth it when you think of how much it must mean to them.  So when you are out looking for a new member of the family, don't pass up the older dogs.  Give them some love and let them show you some in return.  You wont regret it.

Have you adopted or fostered an older dog?  I know I'm not the only one who isn't crazy about puppies!


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