June 22, 2018

What's up Weekend { June 22 }

This week flew right on by and I am beyond thankful for that.  I have so much that I wanted to do this week but my body had other plans.  So I rested and am finally starting to feel more human than rabid animal.  I need a vacation from our vacation.  But a week of rest was nice too.

Fridays around here are for sharing happiness and things we are thankful and grateful for.  And lord knows my list is long this week.  So I'm just going to dive in.

Coming home to filled picture frames.

This man, who didn't complain a bit about being the solo driver.

Forgiving pups!

Home cooked food!  

The strong brew button on my Keurig!

Boys who are great road trippers :)

The dry Texas heat!

Getting to see my mom.  

My shakes

 A house full of kids and laughter!

I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Flynnigans, Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Beth from Coffee until Cocktails.  Every Friday we share all the things that we are happy, grateful and thankful for!  Stop on over and see what everyone else is sharing today! Here is my list for this week!

And now we are back to the weekend.  I think we are just spending this one at home.  Relaxing.  Catching up on things around the house.  And maybe a trip to the park or the Zoo just to get out for a bit and walk around.  Maybe plan a trip for next weekend?  We shall see...

Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it
-Albert Schweitzer

So, what made you happy this week?  Share your happiness below :) 

June 18, 2018

Menu Plan Monday { June 18th }

Oh Monday! Where did you even come from?  You just snuck right up on me.

During the week, I usually wake up at 5:45 to say goodbye to David before he goes to work.  I totally forgot to turn that alarm back on now that we are home from vacation.  Sorry babe!  But then the power went off and so did the house alarm which sent one kid running to me in a panic.  Not the most pleasant wake up, but I'm up and figure Id get to my day started.  Dogs are out and fed.  Koopa is still sleeping but Ill fed him in a little bit.  Poncho needed a good brushing and now the Anthony is up asking for coffee too.  I'm rambling.  Let's get to this weeks menu.

Clam Chowder

Chicken Street Tacos


Oven Fried Chicken Thighs


I ordered groceries while we were still in Louisiana.  And totally left a day off, so Friday we are winging it.  Mmmmm, wings!

We left rainy Florida and came home to a rainy Texas.  I'm not complaining!  I am going to make some clam chowder though while the temps are lower.  Poor David, he was most looking forward to clam chowder in bread bowls that we used to always get when we went to the Magic Kingdom, and they don't do the bread bowls anymore.   Then the soup was just ok.  My body was already angry with me and I wasn't about to eat dairy so I only had a bite.  Now that I'm home, I'm going to make it my way.  I wonder if I have everything to make some bread bowls too.

The rest of the week is simple because I know it's going to take me about a week to get my life back on track.  I am worn out and my body took a hit for sure.  My goal for the week is to get everything washed and put away.  I am so glad I did a big deep clean before we left.  Coming home to a clean house helps.

What made it on your menu this week?  Whats your favorite rainy day food?

June 11, 2018

Celebrating our #ULTRADAD

This post is sponsored by Michelob ULTRA but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

With Fathers Day just around the corner, its time we take a look at the guys in our lives who we will be celebrating.  My Dad passed away 6 years ago but we are lucky enough to have my Father in Law just around the corner from us.  This year we are going to be on the road on Fathers Day so we celebrated these two ULTRA dads a little early.

My Father in Law or Grandpa, as we call him, is an amazing man.  He is a retired Cheif Warrant Officer in the Army and moved out to the Marshall Islands after that and that is where they came into my life. One of my most favorite things about him is that when I look at him, I know 100% what I'm in for.  David is the spitting image of his Dad.  And I don't mean just in looks.  I mean sure they both share the same exact facial expressions, but I can see where David gets his work ethic from.  Davids parents are perfect role models when it comes to keeping a marriage strong and raising a respectful and loving family.  I love hearing stories about how strict and serious he was when David was a kid.  Mostly because I have seen the funny and softer side of him.  Just like David, they save that side for the people they love the most.  They both also enjoy a nice cold beer every now and then.

Sometimes I feel like these two Dads don't get the recognition they have earned.  It's nice to watch them sit back and have a few cold ones while they catch up.  Quality time is important.  They are always so busy with work but I think its time we make visits like this one, a priority.  They need to balance all that hard work out with some relaxation and fun.

Sometimes just finding that balance is the hard part.  That's where Michelob ULTRA comes in.  With only 95 calories and 2.6 carbs, there is no need to feel guilty about taking a timeout and having a few

Quality time with your Dad is a great gift.  But if you are still looking for something special, you can get all sorts of beer gear HERE!

How will you celebrate your ULTRA Dad this Fathers Day?  Will you spend time outdoors?  Why not grab a few cold ones and spend some time with your ULTRADAD?