August 28, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: August 29th

Here we go!  Week 2 back to school.  Or as I seem to be calling it, " Get used to it " week.  While my boys like school, the early bedtimes are always the hardest part.  The no PlayStation during the week is pretty bad too. We tried staggering their bedtimes a little since one is in middle school now, but they both still leave the house at the same time.  And as much as my 11 year old thinks and extra hour isn't such a big deal, I do.  So we are back to everyone going to bed at the same time.  Except for today.  Today we were running all sorts of late.  But they were asleep by 9 and even the dogs have retired for the day.

Our typical Sunday night routine.  David is catching up on some of his shows.  I am gonna finish up here then get things set out for tomorrow.  Last week I said I wanted to be in bed by 11.  This week I am gonna be a little more realistic and go with 11:30.  I was close last week, but not quite, so I'm giving myself 30 more minutes this week.  Im gonna need it.



   Monday:  Turkey Tetrazzini and salads.

   Tuesday:  Taco Tuesday.

   Wednesday:  Steak fingers, mashed and corn.

   Thursday:  Baked fish, rice and veggies.

   Friday:  Leftovers


   Reserve Campsite.

   Refill meds.  For everyone.

   Be in bed by 11:30

   Get Asthma Action Plan

I have a feeling this week is going to be brutal.  The homework is about to start rolling in too.  So there will be even less fun time after school.  Boo.  But hopefully we will all settle into our routines soon and there will be less grumbling.  Tonight when I was tucking him in, Alex said he loved school but that it didn't leave him much time to "Life Life".  Seriously kid.  I feel you.

Thankfully we have a Labor Day Trip coming up.  I'm hoping that having something fun to look forward to will be enough to get us through this week.

What did everyone do this weekend? Anything fun and exciting?  Here's to a quick and painless week!


August 26, 2016

Cream Cheese, Cleaning and Craziness!

The first week back to school is a win.  The boys were still excited this morning.  Although we were all dragging a little, we got out the door and to school on time.  In the mornings my friend drives the little kids to school and I keep an eye on the big kids.  In the afternoon we walk to the school to get the littles and get back just in time for the big kids to get off the bus.  It's a busy afternoon and my feet are killing me by the end of the day, but I love it.
  1.   Both boys were excited to start school.
  2.   Rain. We needed a good soak!
  3.   Being back to our afternoon 3 mile walk.  
  4.   Blueberry cream cheese.
  5.   Clean carpets.
  6.   Anthony got his own phone.
  7.   All this energy for however long it will last.
  8.   Adding and crossing things off my bucket list.
  9.   Saying no.
  10.   A husband who puts up with my craziness.
It really has been a good week.  Just full of drama it seems.  And I just can't.  I am going to bump up the music and get some cleaning done.  I am a stress cleaner.  I can't help it.  I would mow the lawn in I hadn't already done that..twice.  Vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets yesterday.  The only things left of my to do list is clearing off my dresser and organizing the boys room.  My room today and theirs tomorrow. Boom! Done!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Hopefully we can get out and do some exploring this weekend.  I have the open space itch.  I want to go somewhere away from people and traffic and just breath in some fresh air. Hmmm.  I love a good weekend adventure!

Don't forget to stop by the link up below and see what everyone else is happy about this week.  No such thing as too much happiness!

10things spring

August 25, 2016

Back to School Blues


The boys are back to school and loving it.  Me?  Well, I have mowed the grass two days in a row and today I am vacuuming and steam cleaning my carpets.  Dishes are done.  Laundry is done.  The house isn't perfect but it's getting there.  I have already caught up on all my TV shows.

I'm dying here.  Bored and missing the chaos.

Grandpa Jim's mini me.  Giant feet and all!

Second grade is proving to be a lot of fun.  I have heard no complaints.  Coming from a kid who thought he was done after Kinder and who only sorta liked 1st grade, being happy about going to school 4 days in a row is a huge accomplishment. He was super bummed he didn't get the same class as some of his friends. And even more sad that the boys he does know are not allowed to do sleepovers or play dates yet. Boo!

I forgot to ask him if people read his shirt and gave him hugs

Sixth grade has been a bit of a roller coaster.  Ant can be quite the anxious kid.  He has worked really hard on being more laid back.  But a new, bigger school that is no longer just a walk away from home has him in a big of a mess.  Although David and I are probably more worried about it than he is.  Trying to have faith in him and our parenting.  He is an amazing kid.  And has already been tagged with the nickname "Baby Anthony" I can't even go there.  He lets it roll off his back but I am sure it will get old fast.  But its better than Midget Flash.  That's what they called him last year...

Last night before bed, David and I were talking about how we just need to trust our parenting and believe that they will always  make good choices.  Why is middle school so scary?  Or is it just me?  It's not just because he is so tiny.  But because he is good.  I know I can't shelter him from it all.  I know that I have talked to him about life enough for him to know better.  But in the end, I am still a parent and I still worry.

If anyone needs me, I will be scrubbing my floors, out for a bike ride or swimming.  Maybe I will clean out the garage or re arrange my pantry.  I could clean out the junk drawer or plant a fall garden.  It's going to be a long school year.

Have all the kids gone back to school?  How are they dealing with it?  How are you?


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