December 15, 2017

Whats up Weekend {December 15th}

Is it really Friday?  I have asked that question three times today.  One of those times I was talking to a dog.  This might have been the fastest week I have had in a long time.  And yet its still been brutal.  Monday was a little iffy, but turns out coffee goes a long way! A lot of coffee!

After a week off one of my meds, I jumped right back in.  Monday was hard.  Tuesday, I woke up and felt like I could take over the world but by noon I body was .  The rest of the week was pretty much spent on the couch begging for it to be over already.  The hard part is, that it does work.  I can think straighter, I can remember things and am less confused, but I feel like I stepped in front of a semi truck.  My body is just done.  I am exhausted.  The dogs are challenging my energy, because when we go out, they just want to sit too.  In my lap!  They are currently laying in the kennel pretending not to see me every time I ask them if they are going to get up or not.

There is hope in Friday though!  And with a few more cups of coffee, I might just make it through to the weekend.  With Christmas right around the corner, there are so many things to do still.  Thankfully in all the emotions I am running through, stressed isn't one!

This weekend is bringing lots of fun.  I'm excited for the Christmas Light Fest at the Don Strange Ranch and the Zoo Lights. The boys need to do their Christmas shopping and there are boxes to be mailed out.  Im rolling with it.  But before we get the weekend started, I wanted to share some things that make my week bearable.

There were so many beautiful sunrises this week.  Like a little bit of hope to get me through the day.

Netflix.  I'm a sucker for vampires and werewolves.  Being Human anyone?  Now to figure out what I will watch next!

Coffee.  How cute is my new K- Cup basket!? I love it! Check it out here

Popcorn and Popsicles.   I'm pretty sure I lived of them this week.

Menu Planning.  Some days its the only plan I go.  Or the only one I stick to anyways.

Picking up the little kids with my Best B.  Sometimes its the only time I leave the house. Its my 15 minutes of mom time! 

Honest and deep conversations with my boys who are only 8 and 12.  The things they think up and ask always amaze me.  

A patient & forgiving husband who is also a patient & forgiving father. Man, we tested him good this week!

I know there are many more things, but its way past nap time.  My stomach is still trying to claw its way out of my body and I need to eat something that will help settle it in time to go get the kids.  Mostly Im just going to be happy that its Friday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  What have you got planned?

December 11, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: December 11th

I wanted so badly to be ready for today!  To be all, Yay, its Monday!  Lets do this.  Instead, I'm tired, possibly a little grumpy and I just don't wanna.  But, since that's not possible, I'm gonna make my self some extra strong coffee and tackle this to do list, that is growing by the minute.  (Unlike this guy, hes finally melted away.)

Texas Snowman

And all I really want to do is play in the snow again.  That's right, snow!  It snowed in San Antonio and it was amazing!  The first half of the week was cold and rainy and then next thing you know, there was snow.  We had a snowball fight, the kids make snow angels and a snowman.  Its been 25 years since the city has had snow like this.  And I'm here hoping it snows again this month!  Nothing wrong with dreaming big!

Rainy Riverwalk

I spent the week before last sick and stuck in bed.  David stayed home from work last week with me.  Although we did not stay home really. I was determined to get Christmas shopping done.  We went to the same three stores, every day all week.  Plus 2 different malls.  Then decided Amazon was so much easier. I think I bought more leggings and coffee for me than I did presents for everyone else.  When I am looking for clothes, I can't find anything and nothing fits.  When I'm not looking everything fits and in a smaller size even.  Whats up with that.  I think the coffee was David way of making sure I make it though the next few weeks.  I'm going to need it.  The only thing Ive got a start on is the menu.

  • Tacos
  • Oven Fried Chicken
  • Green Beans 
  • Salads
  • Clean out the fridge night
  • Lemon Pepper Turkey
  • Broccoli
  • Spaghetti
  • Cesar Salad
  • Garlic Bread

Another pretty easy week in the kitchen.  No complaints here.  I have a feeling I will have lots of other things to do to keep me busy all week.  I'm still waiting on the green light to go back to the gym.  Never in my life did I think I would be so bummed about not being able to work out.  I do need to stop by the library, so maybe I can squeeze in a little bit of cardio while I'm there.  Or maybe I should just not push it.  Just drop my books off and run.  The struggle is real!

I probably should share a little Monday motivation, but right now, I am fresh out.  Maybe once I make a dent in this to do list!
  1.  Vacuum and steam clean.
  2.  Reschedule dental appointments.
  3.  Call Cardiologist.
  4.  Cancel auto refill on meds.
  5.  Return books.
  6.  Organize garage.
  7.  Give the dogs baths.
I haven't even started and I already want to crawl back in bed and watch Christmas movies until its time to get the little kids.  Must.  Not.  Give.  In!!!

December 3, 2017

Menu Plan Monday: December 4th

Hello December!  Its been a quiet start to the month.  But something tells me that its going to be a busy and crazy one.  So, pretty much it will be another normal month around here.

My menu is done though!  I'm starting the week with at least one thing done!  Nothing new, but all delicious dinners!  And we are catching up on our veggies since it seems I though that pie was a vegetable last month.  Don't judge me!

  • Fajitas
  • Rice 
  • Beans
  • Veggies

  • Parmesan Chicken
  • Salads

  • Beef and Broccoli
  • Brown Rice

  • Baked BBQ Chicken
  • Salads

  • Burgers
  • Fries

Not to bad right?  Wanted to get in a few more grill nights in before it gets to cold for BBQing.  The rest of the week I was going for easy and quick.  We have no swim this month and with David home I wanted to make sure we had extra time to hang out together.  

I am finally kicking this cold.  We had all forgotten how bad it gets when I get sick.  I'm usually able to get over it pretty quick with rest and fluids but this time was something different.  My body was just to tired to fight it off and nothing worked besides time.  I'm not 100% but I'm feeling so much better than I did just two days ago. 

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  Oh and how many of you have an instant pot?  Love it or Leave it?  I put one on my Christmas list but I'm still on the fence about it!  


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