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July 25, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: July 25th

Its that time again.  Already. And my menu is up before noon. What?! Please tell me that means the week is going to be much better than I am expecting it to be! Someone? Anyone!

Last night Chico the Chihuahuas face decided to swell. That's on top of the swollen booty problems he has been having.  So we are starting the week out with a trip to the Vet. Which, is not really the best way to start the week. Poor guy is 15 years old, deaf and down to a few teeth as it is. And he has always had a hard time with anesthesia, which my guess is he will be needing for an extraction.  So if you have a prayer to spare, he could use it.

As far as food goes, the menu is a pretty basic week. Nothing new this week. I didn't get to making the Salmon last week so I am going to do that for dinner tonight before the asparagus goes bad. Thursday we are going to a Member's BBQ at the Zoo. Its also David's Birthday so there will be cake when we get home. I told him I would make him any cake he wanted. Any guesses on what he picked??


Monday: Salmon and Asparagus

Tuesday:  Spaghetti

Wednesday:  Leftovers

Thursday:  BBQ at the Zoo

Friday:  Arroz con Pollo

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Did anyone do anything exciting? The boys have been wanting to make videos of our adventures. Let me just say, trying to fit the whole day into a short video is interesting. I will share one later this week.

But for now, we clean up and head to the vet. Please keep your fingers crossed!

July 22, 2016

10 Things that made me happy this week


Oh happy day!  It's Friday again!  What a rough week, I am just glad to get it over with. 

And next week will be busy too, so we have to make the most of this weekend.  David's Birthday.  A BBQ at the Zoo. Summer dog sitting continues. Yeah, It will be a little nuts. And will all end with my birthday the following week! And my sisters the week after me. Then school starts. Before we know it, Santa will be coming to town!  Its the typical end of the year rush. For us it starts in July apparently! 

But it's Friday, and I am going to take some time to think about all the happiness from the past few days. So...
  1.  A weekend alone with the hubby. 
  2.  Our amazing pediatricians
  3.  Hanging out on the back patio.
  4.  David having a day off in the middle of the week.
  5.  The new Blink 182 album. 
  6.  Amazon Prime TV.  Need to catch up on Vikings.
  7.  Falling in love with this city. There really is so much to do here.
  8.  Finding so many new vlogs to follow.
  9.  Zebra Cakes.  Don't judge me.
  10.  Beautiful flowers on our walk to the nearest Pokestop.

There you have it.  Just a few of the things that made me happy this week. Did I age myself with #5 and #10. Oh well. Click the button below for more happiness! Have a wonderful weekend!!

10things spring

July 20, 2016



Enjoying:  Having the boys home. They were gone all weekend. I loved having a few quiet days, staying up all night and sleeping in. But damned if I don't miss them and all their chaos when they are gone.

Learning:  Everything I can about sugar gliders. Lex has been asking for a pet, specifically a tortoise. But he really just wanted something that he can play and bond with. I was pet sitting for a friend who has a sugar glider and now, he is obsessed. My friend has offered to give Ruby to him, but only when he is ready. So we do what we do, google all things Sugar Gliders.

Thinking:  Of rebranding the blog. I feel like Hope Whispers started as my story and now it has become a little bit of everyones story or I want it to be anyways. Only problem is I am bone dry when it comes to creativity. David and I have been talking about it. I know the direction we want to go with it, but holy anxiety attack! Im such an overthinker. Sometimes.

Listening to:  The new Blink 182. Total contrast to all the country I have been listening to and I kinda like it. Still love me some Sam Hunt, but Travis Barker and those drums. Swoon!

Thankful for:  A husband I never get tired of. 17 years together and I can still spend the whole day with him. Yesterday he had the day off and we played tourists. We walked around downtown, sat and people watched, and he let me drag  him around the Alamo and take pictures of every plant and papaya tree we passed. I love this man something fierce. And he loves my crazy butt right back!

Confession:  I miss my Dad. I was talking to my little sister about how he always spoiled us girls. I miss the random bunches of flowers he would send. Or the phone calls that lasted for ever and we talked a little bit about everything. Or the awesome gifts he would send the boys. But mostly I miss his support and feeling like someone in my family cared enough to check in on me. I know it's silly. But I am a daddy's girl though and though. And now he's gone. I miss him so much my heart hurts.

Avoiding:  Yard work. I said I was going to cut the grass this morning. Before it got hot.  And now its to hot, but I know I have to do it still. I suppose I could do it after dinner. But I don't wanna.

Feeling:  Im tired today. Im retaining fluid everywhere and I look 6 months pregnant. My mind is clear though so I can't complain.

Loving:  Snapchat. So much that I might be sharing way to much.  Not "live" like Periscope and more in the moment than YouTube.  And you can still interact.  Does that make sense?  And the filters are hilarious!

And with that I am done procrastinating.  Music is blasting and I need to finish up some cleaning and then go make friends with the lawnmower.


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