Happiness is ______ {2014-W28} #happinessis

Happiness is having friends who know and understand what you really need even in you don't.  David was sent up to Houston to work this weekend.  But I had plans to watch a friends boys while she did a run and Leroy the foster dog was going to be adopted.  There was no way I could just up and go to Houston.  And yet somehow, I had a friend willing to take Leroy in for me and another who didn't hate me for bailing on my babysitting promise.  Add in a mother in law who helped out with the dogs and it all equaled a lot of happiness.

Happiness is a fresh batch of Banana Crumb Muffins for the road.


Happiness is new books to keep them busy during the drive.


Happiness is waking up feeling refreshed and with no backache.  Note to self, we need a new mattress.


Happiness is a pool to ourselves.

Happiness is a dog that missed you so much that he won't leave your side or lap.


Happiness is tinkering and knowing I can.  David trust me enough to take apart his pricey weed eater.  I fixed it even!  Who would have known.  Truth is, I love this stuff!


I really didn't know just how much I needed this weekend.  Sleeping in and not having to be away from David.  Im not the super clingy wife but this week I really did need him close.  It was nice.  I feel so much better.  What brought you happiness this week?  Was it a person or an act of kindness?  I'd love to hear about it.

Menu Plan Monday: Wait it's Monday?

Yes. It's Monday.  Only for a few more minutes though.  And do you know what I've got lined up for dinners this week?  Because I sure don't.  Oh no guys, this is bad.  My appetite is at an all time low.  Ok that's not true, but I have been so afraid to eat because everything has been making me sick.  I don't really even want to leave the house.

But what happens when mom is disgusted by all foods and no one can think of anything they want for dinner?  Nothing happens. Sandwiches happen.  Lots of sandwiches. Tonight David bribed me with mozzarella sticks from Dennys just to get me to eat something.  They didn't make me sick but we did make it our last stop before going home. 

I've got one more day of these injections.  My belly is all bruised.  So bad that I dread putting pants on.  And I've run out of Marshallese dresses to wear. I guess I will do laundry tomorrow.   I was going 4 share a photo of my bruises, but my stretchmarks are even more scary in a photograph.  Like mauled by a tiger bad...

Anyways.  I know it's been quiet around here. July is a hard month for me.  It brings back the pain of losing my dad two years ago. Then you throw in the change in meds and doctors appointments and my scope coming up. It just gets to be a lot to swallow.  But I'm coming out of it.  Trying to find even the littlest bit of faith.  And enough strength to get me though the next few weeks.   I know it's in me but I am so tired.  Almost to tired to dig deep. 

So about the menu, that's not happening today. But I am about to check out Pinterest and see what I can find.  We have to eat, I just don't know what yet.  I'll be better prepared next week I promise!

Note to self:  Take some Lactulose,  your thoughts are all over the place.  Squirrel!

Am I asking for to much?

When you wake up every day in pain you eventually stop realizing how bad the pain is.  When you get sick every time you eat, you still eat for nutrition but the sickness just becomes a part of normal.  And sometimes you have a good few weeks and feel like you can do anything.  Until life knocks you on your butt.

I don't get out much.  I stay close to home where I can just be me. If I'm tired I can rest, if I feel sick and can go to the bathroom, if I'm dehydrated I can drink my water and if I feel like it I can just stay in my pajamas all day.  But a girl can go crazy just staying at home all day.  Trust me.  When I'm feeling really adventurous I will go to the pool with the boys. It's not very often that I am alone. Even when I go for a run at night, I take the dog. What I'm trying to say is that while it's not the norm to the rest of the world, it is to me.  Most days I'm not even thinking about why I take the pills, the alarm goes off and I take what it's says.   It's just my life. 

Tonight I was invited to a friends house and even though I was having a little bit more discomfort than most days I figured I'd be able to manage a few hours out. After all she is just a few blocks away. And right at the end of her party, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  My face felt like it was redder than a fire truck and I every time the pain hit I could feel the sour taste in my mouth.  Can you believe it. What's a girl got to do to get out and enjoy herself. Instead I had to ask my friend, who I could not live without, to take me home.

People often ask me if I am angry that this is happening to me. They tell me that there are people out there who get transplants and still do the things that hurt them in the first place.  My answer is always the same.  No! God forbid it would have been one of my brothers or sisters. Or worse, one of my boys. 

But the truth is, on days like today, I do get mad.  I curse the world for not giving me just a few hours of normalcy.  I am embarrassed to leave so early and abruptly. I hate that I had to ask my friend to leave and take me home because maybe she wanted to stay. She would never admit it, but I would never blame her.  I fed her dinner to try and make up for it a little.

This is why I always do whatever I can to help.  When a friend needs something, I will always help.  If I can I will.  And it's never a burden to me.  I listen and never complain.  That's what friends d's do right. Plus, I know that the day will come when I need help.  When I won't be able to do things for myself and I'd like to think that my kindness will be repaid.  I pray that I will have a solid group of friends, near and far, who will be here for me when it's my turn to ask for help.  I have faith they will anyways. 

So here I am. Laying in bed, writing out the thoughts in my head and hoping it all makes sence.  I'm angry that I can't just be a normal person. I'm sad that this is so normal for me that I forget my limits.  I'm embarrassed that I have to rely on so many other people.   But what good does being angry and sad do for me now? X This is my reality. This is my life.

What more can do but process it all and forgive myself, be a better friend, apologize and show my appreciation to those who hold me up and are always there for me!  I would not be here if not for them.  I'm always reminded that God gives us what he knows we can handle. I hope he knows what he's doing. I'm joking. I know he does and I know I can do this.  I will. But sometimes I just need to let it all out. There! Done.  Tomorrow is a new day!

Happiness is ______ {2014-W26} #happinessis

Oh Hello Wednesday!  Its time for some happiness.  I know I usually over share and post a ton of photos, but I've been so crazy busy that I am just going to share one thing.  But it is full of happiness.

If you have follow on other social media you will know who this guy is.  If not, meed Leroy.  He is my latest foster puppy.  He is bursting with energy so I am always trying to find ways to help him shake some of it.  He isn't a big fan of walks and prefers to just bug the crap out of my two other dogs.  But of course that makes everyone super grumpy.  The other day I was spraying off the patio and discovered this.  Leroys true happiness. I've never see a dog drink as much water as this guy, but I had no idea just how happy it made him until I turned on sprinkler!  And there has been no looking back.  Its his favorite time of the day, when he sees me pulling it out.  And he stays out there for hours just playing in the water!

Happiness is water and a very happy puppy.

Looking for more happiness?  Stop by Crazy Adventures in Parenting and get your fill!  There is enough happiness to go around.  What brought you happiness this week?


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