August 27, 2017

Macanna Salmon Dog Food and Giveaway

Grandma Lucy's recently sent us some of their products to try out free in 
exchange for this review. All opinions are honest and my own. 

Dog food.  I have learned that feeding your dog is almost as controversial as feeding your baby. Everyone has an opinion and feels like out of all the choices, theirs is right.  When you talk about dog food most people think of kibble.  There is canned wet food.  Then there is raw feeding. And there are freeze dried and dehydrated options too.

These guys have always gotten kibble. On the regular they get goodies added to their food.  Like turkey and chicken.  They love eggs, carrots and asparagus too. But the base of meals is always kibble. We have tried dehydrated food before, with mixed reviews but when Grandma Lucy's asked us to try their new Freeze Dried Macanna Dog Food, we were more than happy to help.

We got the most fun box from them.  And the dogs knew instantly that this one was all for them too. We got a bag of the Salmon Recipe as well as testers of the Beef Recipe and a Pre Mix that is everything but the protein.

My first thought when I opened the bag was "Yup, that's Salmon alright!" It smells great. If you like fish anyways.  I love it.  And my dogs are all about smelly foods.

Chico the Chihuahua is going to be 16 this November and a few years ago had to have some of his teeth extracted. He is also as stubborn as a mule and insists on eating kibble with Poncho no matter how much he has to crunch. But once I mixed him up a bowl of this, he dug right in.  Speaking of Poncho, he got a good sprinkle of the mix onto of his kibble. And he also helped himself to Chico's leftovers.


This is a freeze dried food. If I had to compare it to anything? I'd say its kind of like a flaky granola mix. Its not like the dehydrated food that I tried either. Its not powdery and uniform. You can actually see these ingredients in the mix! 

Lets take a quick look at the first 3 ingredients. Salmon, pinto beans and hemp hearts. Salmon is a heart healthy protein! Pinto beans provide the fiber and because it is slow to digest, it will maintain his or her energy for the day. The hemp hearts pack a punch of Omega 6 and 3 and will promote healthy skin and coat.  Followed by carrots, coconut, pumpkin kale, blueberries, turmeric.  All things you and I would eat.  Except the Pinto Beans.  Don't tell the dogs, but I am not a fan of beans. Luckily its their food not mine!

So what do we love about it?

I love that it is grain free with no preservatives. It is made in the USA. It is super simple to mix up and the bag doesn't take up much room.  Plus my dogs love it. 

Is there anything we don't love about it?

Technically we love everything about it.  But Poncho weighs in at 160 lbs.  Which means that he would need 5 cups and a 3 lb bag won't go very far.  And 50% of the year we have a foster Great Dane or 2 to feed so I'm not sure it would be a full time food for us.  But I think a bag of the Pre Mix is going on the list. It will last Chico a good while and a spoonful on Ponchos food so he doesn't feel left out is another way to stretch it out and still include him in the goodness!

We also got to try out some of the Macanna Treats.  And they are both awesome.  The Beef starters only have FIVE ingredients.  Beef, Pinto Bean Flour, Hemp Hearts, Coconut and Pumpkin. That's it! The coconut treats smell just like the Coconut Granola I eat.  It almost tastes like it too.  Yes, it smells so good that after stopping my kid from eating it, we shared one just to see if it tasted as good as it smelled.  And it does.  Minus the sweetness. The second Poncho hears me open the bag, he is at my side.  Chico is a little slower to get there and only comes because he is following his big little brother. But thats because he is deaf.  Im sure he would be faster if he could hear it too.

Want to give Macanna Dog Food and Treats a chance?  Grandma Lucy's has put together a Prize Pack including an assortment of their trial size packets and a bag of one of their Organic Baked Treats for one of my lucky readers. US ONLY.  Enter below and the winner will be announced next Sunday

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