August 28, 2017

Menu Plan: August 28th

Its official. Summer Break is over and the boys are both back to school.  And the weather isn't helping my gloomy mood.  As thankful as I am that we have escaped the storm, my heart is breaking for Houston and the coast.

So this week is looking to be wet and dreary.  And with the boys back in school, I cant decide if I'm going to have more time on my hands or if I will be busier. So I am taking this week to break into a new routine.  I should be at the gym, but figured Id give myself today to get caught up on what I can. Then I have to figure out how to fit my meds back in the the schedule on the regular.  I have been awful at that. But baby steps.  Food First.

Its an easy week in the kitchen.  Keeping it nice and easy.  We have a week off before swim starts up again too, so that will help ease us back into our school routines.  

The Turkey Chili will get thrown together here shortly.  I always double it because its even better for leftovers and the boys and David can take it for lunch too. Yay for no sandwiches!

These Southwest Wraps are amazing.  I can mix the rice and meat mixture up ahead of time and let it get all full of flavor.  Then all I have to do when its time to eat is wrap them up and give them a good toasting on the panini press.  Makes life so much easier and there is always leftovers of this too.

Beef and Broccoli.  The boys have finally caught on to all the chicken and turkey we eat.  So I figured I made sure to add a little red meat in the menu this week.  Last week they wanted "real" meatloaf instead of the one I usually make.  And I ended up throwing half of it away.  It was beef.  I know there will be nothing left of this!

Thursday's dinner is a new one for us.  These Baked Chicken Thighs popped up on Pinterest and looks good so I figured why the heck not.

Happy Monday everyone!  May the week be as quick and easy as this menu! Whats on your menu this week? 

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