December 3, 2014

Foster Dog Diaries: Hello Walter!

What is it about the holidays that makes time just fly right by?  If we are friends on Facebook/Twitter/IG then you have already been overwhelmed with this face for the past few weeks but I want to share him with everyone so...

Meet Walter!


Walter is a 5 year old Dane/Mastiff mix and is a dream dog.  He gets along great with other dogs. I have a Dane and a Chihuahua. He is probably the most laid back dog I've fostered so far.  He is not asking for anything more than a comfy bed and some love.  Don't let his size fool you.  He doesn't take up much room at all.  He is also my heaviest foster, weighing in at 145 lbs and yet one of the easiest dogs to walk.

Walter came in to the rescue with a busted back leg but has healed up great. On occasion he favors it but other than the scar you might not ever notice.  He really is an amazing dog and I am hoping he finds and even more amazing house and family.  Just look at his face!

So why isn't he adopted if hes so great?  Ill tell you why.  Because he is 5.  I cant tell you the number of times I heard "Oh wow, so hes pretty old".  And it breaks my heart. I like to think a dog is like a car.  You get out what you put in.  I've heard of Danes living to be 11 years old.  Proper care and nutrition will do that.  So yes, Walter is no puppy.  But hes housebroken, crate trained, leash trained.  He is very well socialized and is an all around great dog.  If you are looking for a laid back kinda dog, Walter is your guy!

In the almost 3 weeks of fostering him, he has settled in quite nicely here.  And as much as I love him and would keep him, that would mean a full house and no more fostering, which I truly love. What is that saying? If you love it set it free.  Something like that.  Knowing that he is loved is all my heart needs.  Isn't he just the cutest!

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