December 13, 2014

San Antonio Aquarium. Hands on Fun!


The boys and I were invited out to a sneak peek of the new San Antonio Aquarium a few nights before it opened.  I was also lucky enough to go back on opening day, with no kids!  And I am super excited to go back again.  I love all things related to the ocean.  I was practically raised in one.  So what sets this aquarium apart for any other one I've been to.  You can touch just about everything.  If you have kids, you have probably had to ask them to stop touching things.  Like a million times.  But here, if they want to stick their hands in the shark tank, they can.  If if they want to touch the big iguana, they can.  My boys have been talking about it for days.

It might take some time before they are ready, but its not every day you get to pet a shark.


Once they have the hang of it, they won't want to stop.


After studying and touching the tortoise he said "Look mom, there is no glass.  You cant touch almost everything!"


Thankfully this guy is in a covered tank, because he is one of the few you do NOT want to touch!


The staff was super helpful and had all kinds of cool information for the kids. Here they were discussing Ziggys third eye.


So here is one thing I have touched before.  Granted the first time mostly it was the octopus that did the touching and it grabbed on to my leg while I tried to run away on the reef.  This guy shook my hand with a firm grip but let go.  Such a gentleman!


This guy is Iggy.  He is bigger than his friend Ziggy.  And he was just hanging out on his boat enjoying some lunch.  No glass walls here! How cool is he!


Got snakes?  We met Buttercup this morning and I never thought I would be so excited to hold a snake.  Its pretty amazing to feel their muscles squeeze.


Not a reptile person? How about birds? There are little ones.


And there are big ones!  Take your pick! King Louis here is quite a cutie!


The Aquarium is open now but there are still a few things in the works.  I cant wait to revisit again once its all done. I am very sure we will be back before then too.  There is a bounce house area and a section for the little ones. And there are Dinosaurs up top.  They move and make noise so be sure you don't miss them either.

I'm not sure how much longer they will be on sale but for now memberships are 50% off and can be used to visit both the Austin and Portland Aquariums too!  Click HERE to buy yours today!  There are also some great activities that you and your family can enjoy.  I know I am going to be snorkeling with the stingrays but if you prefer to stay dry, there is also an octopus encounter that looks like fun too.  Maybe stay the night and sleep with the sharks?  You can even have your birthday party there.  There is so much fun to be had here. And you will want to come back again and again.  I know we will!

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