October 24, 2012

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Monday was my follow up with the Liver Clini.  And was a pretty easy one, even though I was a nervous wreck.  I think having to go alone was what was the hard part.  But I made it though with almost all good news too.  My liver is working well and getting things done.  All my lab work came back with good results.  My bilirubin and creatinine were only slightly elevated.  And there was no fluid in my abdomen.  YAY!  The Dr left to schedule my appointments then came in with the bad news.  

I love the way he casually says "Oh, I forgot one thing to tell you"  Um...I would have rather had the bad first, but ok.  So.  There is a polyp on my gall bladder that is new.  It is 6mm.  He said that if it grows larger than 1cm, they will have to remove the gallbladder because there is a greater change that of it becoming cancer.  However, I don't have to have another scan for a year.  And I he also said unless I had any problems, I can stick to 6 month appointments for now.  I think each doctor has their own preference on this.  My originally doctor said that I should be kept on 3 months visits.  Its a good thing I know my body pretty well and I think that if something were up, I would notice it.  Off goes the safety blanket of regular appointments.  

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE not having to go back so often.  And my checkbook may love it more.  But I get such a sense of security knowing it wont be long before I go back.  Things change so fast and Im always worried that if I don't go back so often, something will be missed.  And after being so closely watched over the last 4 years, to be given just a little bit of wiggle room is scary yet refreshing.  

And I got homework.  20 mins of walking 3-4 times a week.  And he wants me to build up to 60 mins a day.  I told him that I try, but one day of pushing myself usually leads to two days of pure exhaustion.  He promised if I just push though the first two weeks it will get easier.  My weight has been a problem for a while and I have stayed as active as I could.  Good days and bad.  But this is the first time a Dr has mentioned it.  Crazy right?  So now there is no avoiding it. Doctors orders are the law around here.  

Tuesday I had a dental appointment and was nervous about the oral cancer screening.  My father just passed away in July.  His cancer started in his tongue and jaw.  So its pretty obvious why I was nervous.  But I got the all clear.  Nothing!  Praise the Lord! 

Next up is the hematologist who I have no wiggle room on.  Labs every month.  Visits every 3 months.  Somethings never change and that is ok by my.  And sometimes they have to.  That is ok too.  heres to a new chapter in this crazy book I call life!

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