October 19, 2012

Anthony and the Liver

What do you know about your liver?  When I found out that I had liver disease, my first reaction was the same as most people.  I was sure it was because of drinking alcohol.  Even though I was not an everyday drinker, I had my fair share of crazy nights.  I think back to my school days and try to remember learning about the liver and its importance.  I'm sure we went over it in health and in science too, but I don't think it was ever stressed just how important our liver is.  So when my then 3 year old started asking me about my liver, I did my best to explain it to him.  Over the years we have had many talks about where it is, what it does and why we cant live with out one.

Anthony is 7 now and he carries around a little book about the liver that came with my transplant packet.  It has pictures that explain so that he is able to understand it all a lot easier.  So I asked him to tell me 4 things about the liver.  I have to say, his answers were pretty genius.

Four things my 7 year old knows about the liver.

1.  You can give it to some one.  Sometimes the doctors will let you share your liver with someone. (He has unselfishly offered me his liver many times. He said his is young and very strong)  Sometimes people even get a whole new liver. 

2. Its really big.  Only some, not yours. (mine is quite large) Just big enough to hide behind your ribs. (Its actually your second largest organ,  the first is your skin)

3. It looks like chicken. You know! What? It does!  (It is true, a liver and a chicken breast do have almost the same shape.  Read our conversation about this when he was just 4 years old HERE)

4. It knows how to recycle. First it takes in everything.  And it has to put the bad stuff in one corner and the good stuff in another corner.  And then it takes all the good stuff and makes good things like protein. (He got out the book in case I didn't understand)


**October is Liver Awareness Month.  Are you a liver lover?**

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