October 29, 2012

Whats Cooking?

I remember the days when I used to look forward to grocery shopping day.  The excitement of fresh veggies and fruits, I used to love it.  Now days its such a chore.  I think its because most days, I have no appetite and its hard to be excited about something you have no interest it.  Oh I can almost feel my dad smacking the back of my head telling me that I need to get back in the kitchen.

I never really left, but I have been so uninspired lately.  Making the same "safe" recipes over and over.  And the guys are no help.  When I ask for dinner ideas, I get suggestions like "cereal" "macaroni" and "spaghetti."  Can you guess who says what?

This week I decided to keep it simple so that there was more time to enjoy the holiday.  David has Friday off so I am making the Italian Chicken on Thursday.  I figure that way I don't have make extra for him to take to work the following day.  Just in case.  Here is what we have lined up.

Monday- Meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and broccoli
Tuesday- Roast chicken, stuffing and corn
Wednesday- Burritos
Thursday- Italian Chicken on angel hair and salad
Friday- Pork chops, green beans and most likely rice.

That's it.  Pretty simple right?  Breakfast is usually toast and eggs or cereal.  Lunch is leftovers or sandwiches.  The stuffing and green beans are both testers for Thanksgiving.  Looks like its going to be an epic one, so I want to make sure I have lots of yummy goodness.  What are your Thanksgiving "must haves?"  What are you cooking this week?

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