December 14, 2022

Meet our new Great Dane Puppy!

It has been three years since we lost both out dogs.  And while we have had a dozen of foster puppies since then, our hearts have been a little empty with out our own pups. When we moved the boys said they would not complain as long as once we got settled in the new house we would get a dog.  And as I sat and emailed my rescue hook up, David sat across the table from me in a meeting, where he was laid off.  Needless to say, all hell broke loose for a minute and I didn't feel right bringing in a new family member into that craziness, so we backed out of that adoption. Heartbroken but it was the right choice. 

Fast forward a year and I popped on Facebook one night and while I was scrolling I saw that the rescue was looking for transport for a family of Danes they were saving, so I shared the post and prayed someone would step up. Never did I think, one of those puppies was going to be mine.  But then a few days later I got the text that said "I got your boy! And hes chonky!" 

Baby Thunder

It took a few more weeks before we could pick him up. Its always a little iffy with puppies coming in to the rescue, because they aren't always in the best shape.  Many dogs come in beat up from living on the streets or in a not so loving home, they have been hit by cars or are infested with fleas and other parasites. The ugly truth is that they can't all be saved. So I waited to see if my boy would. I got word that he did in fact catch some kind of bug and wasn't doing very well at all, but after a few weeks and lots of work, he pulled through.  And we picked him up last week. Yall...

Meet Thunder.

Thunders Boys
Look at those smiles!

Anthony and Thunder Nap
Life is Ruff

Alex and Thunder Napping
Keeping "an eye" on the dog...

Hammock Hog... I mean Dog
He took over the hammock!

Clearly he loves his sleep.  I swear he plays too.  But after he plays, its time to get serious and sleep. In his chair, my hammock, with the boys...but almost never in his bed.  And we aren't going to mention the kennel. Don't say it out loud. Kidding. We are working on it. Its just not his favorite thing, yet.

His name was decided years ago. Years ago, I had a dream I had a dane named Thunder. I saved the name and never brought it up when we named fosters.  I just kept it in my back pocket. There is also the fact that Thor, is the God of Thunder. Hes my fav. And lets be real, he makes just as much noise and actual Thunder! Especially when hes going up and down the stairs.  It fits him just as well as he fits us!

There are so many photos to come, but its time for a potty break.  Gotta love the house breaking stage! So much fun, said no one ever.  Hes been really good though and any accidents were not his fault.  Having a puppy is exhausting but its so worth it. Plus its nice to have some company again. Being home alone was kind of getting to me. And now I have some responsibilities and a push to keep myself busy during the day. 

Send all the coffee, patience and belly rubs.  The first two are for me by the way. 

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