August 2, 2022

Its about time to say goodbye

Its time to say goodbye, to Summer Break. The boys will be back to school in a week and Im having mixed feelings about it. So much changed and yet we are back to square one. The crazy part is, Im totally ok with it.  Not sure how long things will stay this way. We are in a super fluid time. Plans are changing on the daily and as a person who prefers stability, I may be struggling a bit. But doing my best not to lose my cool. Full disclosure, Im a little bit of a mess. But embracing it.  

Leaving Houston
I have so many road photos from this summer.  It will be nice to stay put for more than a few weeks.

David has been on the fence about staying with the company hes working for. Y'all, life is to short to work at a job that makes you unhappy. So for now it looks like the boys and I are staying put until he decides what he wants to do. Who knows what will come of the whole situation, but I figured I might as well enjoy my house. We never did get around to selling, so if we are going to pay for it, Im going to live in it. Plus, I don't have to wear pants here! 

So heres to an August that will be spent trying to get my life back together. There is so much that just kind of fell apart this summer. Ok, maybe not fell apart. I may have just threw it all to the wind. I tend to do that in the summer. Just live wild. Bedtimes, carbs, routines, it all kinda struggles in June and July. So here I am, 2 days into August, and 3 days before I say goodbye to my 30s and Im trying to get my life right with the universe. How?  I don't really know. Im totally still winging it, but Im about to outline a plan here. So feel free to continue reading along and also feel free to throw in any suggestions or comments you have. Im gonna need some help on this for sure.


Get back to a school routine. The older the boys get the harder this gets. Remember when we were teens and we thought we didn't need sleep?  As a teen I was raising my younger siblings, so I tried to enforce bed time for them, but then I would stay up to all hours of the night. Now I find myself doing the same with the boys.  I keep telling myself once we get home and into a routine it will be easier. It will be, right?

School lunches and dinners. My boys love to eat. Everyone knows this. Last year school lunches were free and I didn't pack one single lunch. The schools here have great lunch options. Multiple stations. A sushi day. Its a little over the top, but the boys enjoyed it. This year, its back to paid lunches and we have decided that they will be taking lunch a few days a week. Mostly because we all know that while its good, its not the healthiest. And partly because according to Alex, the best lunch stations have the longest lines, so he ate a whole lot of chicken sandwiches last year. It was the shortest line and he has zero patience. BUT, they hit me again with the "no sandwich" plea.  So, Im pulling together a list of ideas. And earlier dinners will be back.  Yay-ish. That means menu plans and grocery shopping on time will be happening.  And Im open to all the lunch and easy dinner suggestions.

Taking my health back. I didn't really go to far off the tracks here. I have been moving and making good food choices for the most part, but my overall health did get back burnered for a few months. Ive been awful about taking my lactulose daily. Ive been sleeping like the boys, minus the sleeping in. Pretty much running off of 4 -5 hrs of sleep. I havent been journaling and enjoying my coffee with the sunrise. The past couple of weeks Ive been horrible about working out. And my menu plans have been pretty sad. And I need to get caught up on doctors appointments! I really need to get back to it all.

Whats next? And in the middle of all the back to school/life stuff, I guess we just need to figure that out. I threw out the idea of just buying an RV and traveling. Anyone remember that show Promised Land. I want to do that but go around the US saving animals. Is there an application for that? Guess that would be hard to do with all the doctor appointments. Maybe we could open an Alpaca farm? Can you imagine?  What ever comes next, I hope its gets up all back under one roof for more than a day. 

Im excited and scared all in one.  Its going to be a hard month, but I have no doubt, ok maybe just a smidge, that we will get through it just fine.  

Who is ready for the back to school fun/madness?  Or are we needing a few more months of Summer?

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