September 11, 2022

Mom down!

I really should know better by now but who am I kidding. I am a glutton for punishment and also an optimist. So here I am. I just had to write out the words. "Im ready for the week and to get my life together... again!" Thats me, journaling on Tuesday morning. Monday was a holiday. Anyways, the powers that be must have heard me thinking that and laughed till they peed their pants. 

Morning bike ride to school

By the time Alex and I were on our way to school all I could think was that I must have slept with my mouth open because my throat was itchy. I have been running low on energy the past few weeks. Not sick just feeling like everything was the slightest bit harder to get though. By lunch time I knew I was in trouble. But even still I was sure it was just the stomach bug Anthony had over the weekend. I was nauseous and my stomach was angry. Throat still hurt though. Then around bed time, the chills hit and I hurt in my bones. Thats when I knew it wasn't just a stomach bug.

So I cracked open a test. Took it. And sat and stared at my hands. I said I wasn't going to look until the 15 minutes were up. Come on one pink line. Oops I peeked. Crap. There were two very dark pink lines.  

Holy Crap it finally got me. Stupid Covid.

I went though the house real quick with some lysol. Then I taped a sign to my door letting the boys know that I tested positive and for them to test too. I let Alex know I set his phone in the kitchen and for them to text me their results. Alex was negative. Anthony was positive. That explains the "stomach bug!"  Bingo.  He had a cold the week before. Tested for covid twice that week and both were negative. SO who knows when he got it. But he did. And so did I.

Mom down!

Wednesday was the worst day of all. Anthony checked on me so many times that day. All I can remember is the look in his eyes every time I lifted my head up to let him know I was ok. Clearly he didn't believe me. I remember the puking. And crying on the floor of the shower around 2am because everything hurt and I just wanted to shave my legs incase I ended up in the hospital. It hurt to do even that. Like, my skin burned. I was dehydrated, exhausted and in pain. Anthony got up with Alex and made sure he went to school. I think he might have even rode with him that morning. Aside from a cough and some aches he was feeling ok but because he tested positive he had to stay home for five days.

By Thursday things were perking up. I had finally eaten a bit. I was still exhausted and achy. And the cough was super gross but it was nothing like the day before and thats all that really mattered. I slept through most of it. David got home that night. I was so happy to see him I could have tackled him. Not that that was an option, even though I was feeling better I was still pretty pitiful.

Urgent Care

Friday morning, David took me to the Urgent care.  They tested again and I was positive again. But after looking over my history they told me that my liver doctors would have to prescribe my treatment because of my liver cirrhosis. And at the time, I still wasn't thinking clearly so I went home and called the liver clinic. Who pointed out the fact that they treat liver disease not covid.  So my only other options were to go back to the ER or just ride it out.  At that point I was 4 days in and feeling better than day 1 so I decided to see what happened.  

Quarantine visitors

Saturday was spent resting.  I love me a good nap but by that point I was so over it.  I got up.  Face timed with some family and then friends. David and Alex went out for lunch again and brought us some home too.  When the boys were both upstairs I came out and picked up a little. Loaded up the dishwasher and sanitized again. Mostly just stretched a little. I ordered groceries, cleaned my room and bathroom.  Shredded a bunch of junk mail and cleared out a ton of emails.  

The doctor said I have to isolate until the 15th.  Anthonys school says 5 days and then he can go back.  Probably because they only give them 10 missed school days before their credits get affected.  But thats a whole other story. Did you hear that, the sound of my eyes rolling. HA! Covid may have taken away my taste but not my humor. Actually I can still taste, just not well. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Netflix and pills

Anyways. Thats how it went down. Thats where I have been. Maybe now that Im locked in here for a few more days I might actually get my life together. Promises, promises. I said maybe! OK! But Im open to any more tv suggestions because Ive cleared off my to watch list! What should I watch next?

I was kinda feeling like I was the minority not having caught this. Anyone else out there who hasn't had it yet? Y'all keep doing whatever it is you're doing because this is BS! Hits out of nowhere and hits hard. I know everyones experience is different but this is how it went for me. Anthonys was more mild and poor David might have had it worse and was home sick but working out of bed. Hes the real MVP! Per usual!

Stay Healthy!

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