July 25, 2022

Menu Plan 7•25

Y'all its Monday and I am ready for a week of good food. Groceries have been ordered and delivered. Snacks have been hidden away. There might be some fresh bread being made at some point or maybe a cake for a certain someone who better come home this weekend. Fingers crossed. But my point is, its Menu Monday.  And I actually have somethings planned this week. After winging it for most of the Summer, damn, this feels good.

Menu Plan

School starts in 2 weeks and I really need to get my life together.  We have been so all over the place.  Spending time mostly at Grandmas then here every other couple of weeks.  I have missed my kitchen and am excited to be here.  That being said, this weeks menu isn't much to fuss over.  I kept things quick and easy because, we are trying to enjoy the last days of summer OK!  

Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas.  This one was Anthonys idea.  He got it from a friend.  He asked if I could get the stuff so dinner is all him tonight.  Although I will stick to just just cheese.

Tex Mex Chopped Salad.  The boys ask for this salad every week.  And while it really is good, I need to change things up.  Saw this one on pinterest and figured we would give it a try.  And I can take out the chicken and still have black beans!  

Mushroom Chicken.  OK, this is our comfort meal for the week.  And its also the meal I will eat just as it is because its one of my favorites.  And if I take the chicken out all I will have is rice and mushrooms.  So, Im all in!

BLT's and fries.  This is my attempt to finish up a few things in the kitchen before we go down to SA for a week.  Bread from the pantry.  Lettuce from the fridge.  Tomatoes from the counter.  And that pack of bacon I bought weeks ago even though no one wakes up in time for breakfast in the summer!  

Nachos.  Saving this for the end of the week when David can be here.  He is always asking me for nachos and for some reason I refuse to call them dinner.  But hes been so busy with work and we are missing his birthday and I just miss him something big, so...Nachos it is.  And a strawberry cake to celebrate for dessert!

Grocery Haul

Am I the only one who is curious about what others eat?  I love talking to people about groceries.  Shopping and budgets and menu plans.  I love it all.  So, here is what I got for the week.  I spent $137. I got the meat and veggies needed for the five dinners.  The cereal and Eggos are for lunch.  I'd say breakfast but Im not going to pretend like they are up before noon during the summer.  Alex asked for spicy ramen too and turkey necks for lunch so I got those too.  I use the broth from that to make egg drop soup the next day. For snacks I got popcorn, chips/guac and chewy bars. Oh and potatoes, eggs and more bacon incase they do actually wake up and feel like breakfast! Oh and there is a bag of pizza rolls hiding in there somewhere. Thats it for the week. 13$ under budget because they didn't have the ice cream cups or apples I ordered. 

When I last shared my grocery haul on IG someone told me there was no way I fed my family of 4 on so little groceries.  I don't buy a lot of extra stuff for lunches and snacks usually because the boys tend to just eat whatever leftovers I have in the fridge. During the summer they are kinda like free range chickens.  They prefer a solid dinner but the rest of the day is just whatever.

What does a weeks worth of groceries look like for y'all?  No judgement.  Im just weird and curious like that.  

Menu Plan Monday

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