July 8, 2022

Summer, snakes and something new!

 Its been a while since I have been this thankful for a Friday. Ive been working on living each day to the fullest instead of living for the weekend.  But hot damn!  TGIF y'all.  Im ready to count my blessings and move on to the next one already.  So lets do that

Summer, snakes and something new

Theres something so refreshing about taking time to look back at the last couple of days and picking out a few things that made you happy.  It might be something big like a birthday or maybe something smaller like a new leaf on one of your houseplants.  But being grateful for all those moments and just taking some time to acknowledge them is such a great way to end the week.  Here are a few things that made me happy this week.

An afternoon at the Snake Farm!

A summer health challenge.

Trying new things.

Coffee on Grandmas Porch

Summer Flowers.

Letting myself dream big!

Veggies.  All the veggies!

A liver health webinar 

Talking with my sisters.

David coming home from Austin!

Before we were headed out to the Snake Farm, Grandma said, have fun!  To which David replied, "Kim will!"  Implying that I was the only one who would have fun.  But I want to point out that within 10 minutes of being there he was giving me hell for not running when he texted me that he had found baby warthogs. It was hot, so the boys got raspas.  And we wandered around half melting but mostly enjoying ourselves.  One of the animal care ladies questioned my shirt.  Turns out she graduated from the same school Anthony went to last year!  Go Bulldogs!


We all worked up an appetite walking around in the hot sun so David suggested we try something new and took us to Hawaiian Bros, knowing I am always looking for some island food and the boys love trying new things too.  That he chose something for us, knowing it wasn't his first choice is what made me happy.  The food sadly did not.  Maybe its because we have changed the way we eat or because I was expecting something at least close to what we grew up eating.  I wasn't all horrible, just wasn't what I was hoping it would be.  The musubi was trash though.  Literally, it went in the trash.  I'll stick to the homemade kind.

I also tried this recipe --> Chicken Stuffed Poblano Peppers. Grandpa told me I could make them again when ever I wanted.  And Alex ate two of them.  I had a few bites and though they were good too.  Hot but I would make them again for sure. 

Our fit fam is doing a summer health challenge.  Kinda like a health bet.  I bought in knowing I was going to do my best but not doubting Id have some bad days.  Ive missed a few days here and there, but have been so much more consistent than I was expecting.  Sure I had a few days where I didn't get to check all the boxes but it has also help me to see what I am doing right and what needs some work.  The ladies are killing it too!  

Summer Flowers

One of the boxes to check off on the challenge is 20 minutes outside and 10 minutes of reading a book that will help better ourselves.  So when I come downstairs in the morning, most days I make a coffee, take my meds and finish off my first 20 oz of water and then head out back for some fresh air and reading.  I get to check off two boxes and get a start on that water.  Add in some journaling and breathing.  Sometimes Grandma brings me breakfast or one of the boys comes out and sits with me.  Its just such a great way to start the day. 

There were so many little things this week that reminded just how lucky I am.  Did I wake up every morning and feel prepared or ready for the day?  NO.  Some nights I stayed up way to late.  Some mornings I slept in a little.  My body felt strong one day and everything hurt the next.  But I made it though another week.  I survived, thrived and some moments I was merely just existing.  And still I find so much happiness in there.  This I why I love doing this.  Looking back.  Its so easy to get caught up in all the big, bad and heavy.  But what are all the small things that bring love and light to life?  

What made you happy this week?

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