June 23, 2022

Summer Bucket List 2022

Oh Summer!  It is my favorite season.  A little less so since living in Texas though because TEXAS is so extra.  They keep talking about seceding but the Im pretty sure the state will literally melt away from the rest of the US any day now!  I hope it doesn't, but you just never know.

Summer 2022

Its felt like summer since New Years March, but it wasn't officially Summer until the this week.  And while I was sitting outside, baking in the shade, I was thinking about a few things I want to do this Summer.  Back in the day I would have compiled a list weeks before school was out but let's be real, trying to convince 2 teenage boys to get out and do things with their family is kinda asking for a lot.

Me "Hey boys!  What do you want to do this summer?"

Boys "Eat and have all nighters" "Be bored till school starts again"

Me "Yeah, Im gonna need more than that!"

So, I decided I would just come up with a few things and see what they though.  Now mind you, a large part of the summer is going to be packing and moving. Which is a bummer but also convenient because we can stay at Grandmas.  And Davids only been in his new position for a few months so a long getaway is not going to happen just yet. But I still wanted to do a few fun family things together. Here is what we came up with.

  • Make ice cream
  • S'mores night
  • Bowling
  • Volunteer
  • Sunrise/Sunsets
  • Explore a new park
  • Stay in a hotel
  • Family photos
  • Go thrifting
  • Bake for someone
  • Summer hair
  • Support a cause
  • Screen Free Days
  • Late night swims
Thankfully my boys are good sports about doing things.  My first idea was read a book and they asked for that one to be dropped.  They used to love to read, I miss those days.  Le sigh!  Its ok I swapped it out for some screen free days. Hopefully that will include David and he will be able to turn his phone off too.  A girl can dream.  Oh how the tables have turned!

They already know where they want to volunteer.  Ive always wanted an ice cream maker and David is a boss bowler.  We are keeping it predictable because I know its going to be pretty hectic to begin with. Mostly I just want to enjoy another summer and get some good memories in the bank!  

What do you have planned for summer?  What ever it is, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Summer!

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