July 11, 2022

Menu Plan 7•11

Anyone else find it a little awkward to cook in someone else kitchen.  Or maybe live in someone elses house for that matter.  Im not going to lie.  I struggling a little bit even though I know its not permanent.  It wont be for much longer hopefully but still, I feel like Im taking up space and getting in the way.  Not to mention, I miss my cleared off counters, own pots and pans, my gas stove and my ice maker.  First world problems y'all.

Menu Plan

Menu planning has been a little weird too.  Mostly because our ways of eating are polar opposites.  We eat mostly chicken and fish and a wide variety of fresh vegetables.  Not very much processed foods, carbs or oils.  Davids parents are red meat, rice, beans and tortillas for most meals.  So when I come in like ok we are having veggies onto of veggies and a side of fish, I kind of feel bad.  Not that they would ever complain, but ahhh, why is this so hard for me.

So this week I picked a few things that would be quick, easy and would make minimal mess.  And then I made on of the meals yesterday, so I might have to go back for more.  Heres what we are having the next few days.

I ended up making the Hamburger Macaroni last night.  And Im still not sure what Im making tonight.  I will decide right before I start cooking.  Thankfully they are all nice and quick.  The casserole is a way to make one of Davids favorites, Chicken Parm, without frying anything, and without the pasta!  Not quite the same, but better than not having it at all!  And the Kung Pao Chicken is a quick and healthy stir fry that we can have over homemade cauliflower fried rice.  The boys aren't a big fan of cauliflower rice unless its made with a dish that has "juice" to give it more flavor.  

Salmon Maki Bowls

The Salmon bowls will probably be last because my avocados are still a little hard.  I'll have to keep an eye on them because you know, they go from rock hard to mushy in no time.  I swear there is only a 5 hour window of when they are perfect.  This quick dish though has climbed to the top of their favorites lists.  The love helping make it, because its super easy.  And they love eating it, because its spicy, crunchy and they get white rice with it.  Alex to this day will say he isn't a salmon fan, except for these and maybe one other recipe.  Its a win in my book!

Menu plan Monday

I still have to figure out what to do the other days this week.  But I should probably figure out what house we will be in and how long we will be there first.  Im so ready to just sell our house up in Houston and be able to worry about one household.  I also think I will be bringing a few more of my kitchen things down here so that I have them.  Like my air fryer.  God I miss my air fryer!

Whats cooking up in your kitchen this week?

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