June 21, 2022

Lets go back to the beginning.

I have spent the most part of 2022 working hard on my word of the year.  Heal.  I knew it would be hard and Id be lying if I didn't say it brought me to a real dark place recently. But Im coming out of it now.  I will always be healing.  But I wanted to focus on healing past traumas before I could focus on healing my body.  And one of the things I learned is that I was looking for help from all the wrong people. Not that I don't have an amazing support system, I do!  Recently I was talking to a few friends that I have made, who are also living with Budd Chiari Syndrome and I was reminded that Ive lost sight of something. Again. One of the ladies is in the hospital, and another was just in for a procedure. But both conversations touched on how important it is to share what we are going through with others because before we met each other, we didn't realize there were others out there.  And how nice it is to know that we can be here for each other now.  It just brought me back to the beginning of this journey.  To my diagnosis and the reason I started this blog. And to me. Ive spent a lot of my time just trying to figure out who I am.  Guess I kind of lost myself along the way. Thankfully I have this mug :)

If I had a dollar for how many times I said I was back and would start sharing again, Id have a couple of bucks.  When life gets crazy I withdrawal and disappear.  But eventually I always pull myself out of the funk I got stuck in.  I always get back up and eventually get back to it.  Back to my happy, oversharing, awkward self.  This time it took me a little longer than usual. But here I am, after months of random drop ins, dusting the cobwebs and excited to share life with y'all again.  I can't promise I won't disappear again.  Life gets heavy and thats just how I deal, but I will be around more than I have been the past couple of years.  

So first, let's go back to the beginning.  And by go back, I mean WE ARE MOVING BACK TO SAN ANTONIO.  Or at least somewhere around here.  We haven't found a house yet.  Hell, we havent even sold our current one.  David has been working and driving home on the weekends for 3 months now.  We let the boys finish up school and now we are hanging out at Grandmas for the Summer while we sort the rest of it all out. But its been a lot of back and forth.  Davids going to need a new car soon!

Driving through Houston

And that also means that even though I just got settled at all my new doctors offices, I will have to move them all back to the old doctors.  Which will hopefully be nice and easy!  Fingers crossed.

Houston was pretty much an extended stay vacation of sorts.  And now its time to get back to reality.  And with the 2 years before being filled with lockdowns and distance learning it feels like I am coming out of a cave after years of hiding.  I still dropped in every so often here but mostly I lurked on Instagram. Occasionally posting and mostly dropping in stories as proof of life so my family and friends knew I was still around.  

So, Thats where I am right now.  Thinking about how much I enjoyed sharing my life and all the craziness of life with chronic illness.  Is going to take a minute to get back to where I was, but I'll get there.  For now Im just putting this out into the universe to hold myself accountable.

I hope everyone has been doing good and having a great year so far.  We are half way though 2022 so nows the time to tighten things up and make it the best year yet!

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