March 27, 2022

Coffee Mugs. Catching up. Coming Home.

I was telling David about how much I struggled last week when he went back to work. I have had it easy this year. Like crazy easy. Having him home was the best. But now that hes back to it, I had to tap in. And last week was week one. On Monday an actual raincloud was following me. It was wet and cold. We got rained on coming and going to school. Tuesday was even worse. And by Wednesday I was just salty. On the walk home I stopped by the pond and took a few deep breaths. I was actually annoyed by the seagulls. I stood there for a few minutes, letting the doubt play though my head. I could hear the comments people made.  

"Could I handle this?"  

"Would I be ok on my own?"   

Choose Happy

Now, I am usually a pretty positive kinda girl.  Im great at seeing the silver lining.  Always looking on the bright side.  So when I let negativity in, it gets pretty ugly.  And it takes a lot to pull me out of it.  But as I watching the ripples on the water, the sunshine on my face just melted all my frustration away.  And I realized how ungrateful I was being.  I know things are the way they are so that we can better ourselves.  I know that its a good thing David is working again and that I should be thankful that my health allows me to be walking or riding Alex to school.  It was a reminder to make note of all the things I was missing.  The little moments that made me smile but were forgotten about because I was in such a sour mood.  

Let's be real, I really don't have the time to sit down for a pity party right now. If I have to stop and take in that view every morning and get my heart straight, I will. This is me, choosing HAPPY!

Here are 10 things that made me happy this week!

  • Walking and riding bikes to school.
  • New leaves on almost all my plants.
  • Awesome report cards.
  • David coming home for the weekend.
  • Settling into our new week day routine.
  • Catching up on shows. 
  • Dinner table conversations.
  • Laying in the hammock in the mornings.
  • The new coffee mug he got me.
  • Going out to dinner with the boys.

Im sure I have mentioned the fact that I grew up on a tiny island before. Did I tell y'all there were no personal cars there?  There were a few work trucks.  A fire truck and ambulance. And the police had some trucks too. But I grew up on two wheels. We rode our bikes to school and everywhere else we went. Even as little kids we rode to school, usually unsupervised and with a group of friends. But I don't have much faith in drivers around here so David got me a bike to ride with Alex. We ride to the busy intersection and I make sure he makes it across safely then turn around and head home. I wish he could have the kind of freedom I had growing up. I has been a while since I have rode on a tiny bike seat. I actually had to get a foam gel cover for it, so things should be less painful! Fingers crossed!

The boys are doing great with all the changes going on. And being super cool about having to pack up and leave again, even though they were just getting settled in. I am glad that they both are in such awesome schools. They are doing awesome in school and are really enjoying their classes.  Their report cards were great and David had to pay out on his straight A's deal.  We had to change our wake up times and Anthony walks to the bus stop in the dark, but neither have had any complaints.  They make this mom game so easy!

Last week I let the boys come up with the menu and they picked some good dinners. But the best part about dinner is always the dinner table conversations we have. They never hold back. Having a time to sit and talk about anything and everything. The good the bad and the awkward. We talk about it all. Its one of my most favorite times of the day. 

I think the best part of the week was David making it home for the weekend. We missed him. True story, David and I have been joined at the hip since we started dating back in 1999. There isn't much we don't do together.  Its gross, I know. But hes my person. I hate that we aren't all under one roof and I miss him something fierce the minute he leaves. Someone guessed that I couldn't sleep without him. And I laughed.  Just because I miss him doesn't mean I don't enjoy having the whole bed to myself. Plus we have phones and facetime. And it makes him coming home that much sweeter.

What has made you happy this week?  What made you smile?  What are you thankful for.  Id love to hear all about it!

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