March 20, 2022

Spring Break. Sweet Baby. Spilled Beans.

Well its back to reality.  David started work again and I lost my wing man.  No more random trips to the plant store.  No more spur of the moment lunch dates and walks in the park.  I guess it was to good to last.  Not us, but the both of us home and up to no good.  He is back to adulting!  Would you love having your spouse home with you all day?  Or do you think you would drive each other crazy?

And since I no longer have my partner in crime to keep me company I might find myself here more often.  Obviously I could have popped in more over the last few months, but Im not going to lie.  We didn't do much worth sharing.  I suppose I could have shared all the shows and movies we watched while we cuddled up on the couch.  And all the dr drama we have all gone though, but theres time for that now.  I just enjoyed his company.  I know, people tell me we are weird, but he is truly my best friend.  And yes, Im totally going to be pouting about it for a minute.  Sorry not sorry.

One of my favorite ways to get over things is to count my blessings and think of all the things I am thankful for so,  looks like I sharing some happy thoughts.  Let's go!

  1. Davids lab work came back with awesome results.  Everything is lower!
  2. I got to hold our new baby.  By "our" I mean my friends baby! 
  3. Finally spilled the beans.  We are moving.  More on that later!
  4. Running away to Grandmas for Spring Break and doing next to nothing.
  5. Hanging out with the boys.  Teenage boys aren't all doom and gloom.
  6. Getting my grocery shopping done early. And started on next weeks too.
  7. Talking about life and things with David.  I could talk to him forever.
  8. I got new wheels.  Well 2 wheels... OK, I got a bike! Im mobile baby!
  9. Road trips and all the cows we got to see!  Baby ones even!
  10. The full moon.  Did you see her?  Isn't she pretty?

Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed sharing these things.  And Im feeling a little better about the whole flying solo thing.  Long story short, Davids job is back in San Antonio and as soon as school is done here, we will be moving back too.  So Houston was fun.  It was kind of like a year of relaxing and some good old fashioned quality time together.  We needed it.  We grew!  We healed.  And now I just can't wait till we are all back under one roof again.  Hopefully for longer this time.

Spring Break was spent playing games with Alex, talking life with David and Anthony and checking out some new houses.  We went to visit the neighbor wives.  I got to meet my newest girl, and hug all my other ones.  One year and they all went and grew up.  It was nice to catch up with people who feel like family.  But weird seeing our old house and knowing its not ours anymore.  And I was waiting to say anything about the move before I told the other one we were moving back.  So the secret is out now.  

Thank God too, because I suck at keeping my own secrets.  Seriously, I saw her and just blurted out the news because I couldn't keep in one second longer.  

What made you happy this week?  I hope there were so many little moments hidden in there that just made you smile.  And heres to another week full of them too!

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