January 31, 2022

Menu Plan 1•31•22

The first menu plan of the new year.  I have gone back and forth on if I should keep sharing these here.  Mostly they are for me to hold myself accountable.  And because I can just check in here when I forget and am trying to figure out what I am supposed to be making for dinner.  It happens!  At least 4 times a week.  I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes I need a little help trying to figure out what to make, so I love looking at other peoples menus too.  So here we are!

Menu Plan

I have been slacking.  No not slacking, more like organizing.  My life, my thoughts, all of it.  But like I mentioned in yesterdays post, Im ready to get back into this space of mine.  Although I haven't been sharing them here, I have still be sticking to it.  Making my menu, ordering groceries, sometimes even going into the store when I need to.  Now if only I could commit to exercise the way I stick to a menu plan.  Another thing to work on I guess.  Let's see what we are eating this week.

BANG BANG SHRIMP • get the recipe here

I came across this recipe on Pinterest and Ant was looking over my shoulder.  He is the best about helping with my menu.  My little foodie.  So I figured if he like the look of it, I would just throw it on the menu.  We will be having it with a cauliflower fried rice and some butter lettuce for those that want to wrap them. With David watching his carbs non, we have been eating mostly keto-ish.  Its been a change but not a real hard one.  


So Im a little skeptical of the name.  As I am of all things that claim to be the best, but Im interested to see what the guys think.  Im gonna say it will be a hit just because it has bacon in it.  Bacon and cream cheese, whats not to love.  Its on of the heavy meals of the week.

CHICKEN COBB SALADget the recipe here

Never would I have expected to hear Alex ask for a salad as a dinner pick.  Hes not a picky eater, but he does tend to lean towards the more unhealthy options.  Salad is his new go to pick.  A good Cobb Salad is a close runner up to buffalo chicken salad.  Again...there is bacon but I don't bake but a few slices for them, so Im not going to sweat it.  Im just happy I can have dinner with them this time,  I just won't top mine with chicken!  Winning.

AIR FRIED SALMON • get the tik tok recipe here

David sent me this.  He knows how much I love me some air fried salmon.  So I threw it on the menu. This was going to be my one meat allowance of the week until I added the shrimp.  Hmmm.  Anyways. He asked if I could make cheesy broccoli with it.  I agreed but Anthony asked for asparagus so we will roast up some spears too.  And serve it all on some more greens because why not.  I will have to figure this one out because we all know to many greens + blood thinners = trouble for me.  I can have some but not all.  Maybe some mini bell peppers then! Yum!

GREEN CHILI ENCHILADAS • I don't have a recipe for these

Another pick of Davids.  Now.  This man hasn't had a tortilla in months.  And he asks for this?  So I got some lower carb corn tortillas and told him I would make them, minus the rice and beans that traditionally go with it.  He agreed and said I could make this on Friday and count this as my anniversary gift to him!  Y'all, this man!  Fine, but then he will have to treat me Saturday, on our actual anniversary.  Or make something for him and the boys so I won't have to cook.  And that can be his gift to me.  This is what it has come to.  Dang! 

Menu Plan Monday

A few weeks ago, I started feeling a little more tired than usual.  The liver clinic was checking in with me weekly.  Following up on my endoscopy and then the next two weeks because I wasn't feeling well.  I was doing great until then I wasn't.  My Encephalopathy was showing its ugly face and I had to admit that I haven't been eating as strictly as before.  More meat mostly. First we talked about maybe eating smaller portions only.  And then David told me she said only once a week if I really wanted it.  I don't actually remember that appointment.  I do remember her telling me at my last in person appointment that if nothing was working we could try liquid diet for a few months and go from there.  UM...hard pass.  I will cut back on my meat and try everything before we resort to that. Please!  

So, salmon or shrimp?  Which should I have?  Does seafood count as meat?  If its ok for Lent is it ok for liver disease?  Im going to have to call the good Doc and ask huh? Le sigh.  Oh the joys of chronic illness.  

So thats this weeks round up.  I really need to start planning weekend meals too.  I have a parrot fish in the freezer that needs to find its way to the oven soon.  Maybe I will do that this weekend!  More seafood.  You can take the girl from the islands, but not the island from the girl!  

Im always looking for more dinner ideas so feel free to drop me some suggestion below.  Or just say hi.  Thats cool too! Happy Monday Y'all.  

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