March 21, 2022

Menu Plan 3•21

What happens when you leave the meal planning in the hands of a teenage boy.  Seems kinda like playing with fire, I know.  But to my defense, or maybe its to his, this kid takes his meals seriously.  Not only did he come up with meals for the whole week, but I have a whole list of ideas for the following weeks too.  Are you shocked?  Don't be shocked! Hes pretty amazing.

Menu Plan

There were some rules.  I told him we still had to keep it somewhat healthy, but he could throw some comfort food in there.  And I told him I wasn't frying anything.  He chose dinners that he knew we all enjoyed and that would be easy.  So thoughtful!  The younger one wanted fried foods and things he couldn't even eat because of his braces. 

Check out this weeks menu

Sashimi •  Oh man were they waiting for this.  David isn't a raw fish kinda guy so if hes not home, this is always the boys first pick.  And they know they will get to have some white rice too.  Yay.  They don't complain (much) about all the cauliflower rice we have been eating but you CAN NOT eat sashimi with it.  Its just not the same.

Buffalo Chicken Salads •  My boys are obsessed with this salad.  I can't tell if its the buffalo chicken that gets them or the homemade dressing, but Im not going to say a thing.  This delicious and veggie filled salad, topped with homemade buffalo chicken is a win in my book.  I swap out the chicken in my bowl for tofu though.

Mushroom Chicken •  This is my rally meal.  Because we all know that this week is going to take a lot out of me, he stuck in a little something for me.  Knowing we were already having rice once this week.  There is just something about this chicken that brings me back to life.  Its one of my childhood meals that bring with it some good memories.  So I wasn't going to say no to that!  

Spicy Salmon bowls •  I had to draw the line and suggest cauliflower rice for this one.  Or at least for myself.  Because Im not passing up on this recipe.  The breadcrumbs on top add a little extra crunch which is nice and then we usually add some more flavor with a healthy sprinkle of furikake too! We use this one. (affiliate link) And don't forget the kewpie mayo. Its just not the same with regular mayo.  If you don't have an oriental store you can shop at, you can find it here. (affiliate link)

Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps •   We have all asked for this to be made but I had lost the recipe.  We tore apart my recipe book and its not any of the ones I have on Pinterest.  This specific recipe that we all wanted was lost.  Until a memory popped up on Facebook with a picture of the ingredients.  I was going to wing it but them realized when I fist shared it a couple of years ago, someone asked for the recipe.  AND I WROTE IT OUT.  Right there.  Just popped on facebook. Talk about perfect timing. I'll have to share the recipe here soon because this is the perfect and easy and oh so good.  If I put it on the blog I'll never lose it again!

Thai Turkey Wraps

So heres the thing, I can plan my menu early.  I can get all my groceries ahead of time.  And I can be 100% prepared for the week.  Only to have my body bow out mid week and decided it just doesn't want to work anymore.  Im learning to give myself some grace when it comes to menu planning.  Letting them choose what they want to eat takes a lot of grumbling off my back.  But they also picked recipes that almost all take about 30 minutes to throw together.  And that they could do themselves really if need be.  Which is a life saver when you are solo parenting for the week and trying not to let chronic illness make the rules.  So this week while we move into a new schedule, Im rolling with it.  

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  Do you have any favorite quick and easy meals you can share with us?  We keep falling back on all of our favorites but would love some new ideas! 

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