June 28, 2021

Menu Plan 6•28•21

 Another week. Another menu.  Its technically another half week menu because I hate leaving for a vacation with food still in the fridge.  So my goal is to cook two days and survive on whatever is left until we leave.  Sounds like a great plan right?  

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

I did get a few frozen things the guys can help themselves to and there is cereal too.  I got me some tofu and veggies to cook up for the week too.  I'll have a few bites of what I make them when Im cooking it but only for taste testing purposes.  I have had to much meat these last couple of weeks and I'm paying for it.  So Im trying to do better.  

So what am I making this week?  Here is this weeks menu.  Of sorts.

MONDAY:  I fell asleep and the guys ordered Pizza

TUESDAY:  Sesame Chicken Green Bean Stir Fry

WEDNESDAY:  Baked Salmon with Herbed Mayo and Salads

THURSDAY:  Leftover night

Menu Plan Monday

As for me, I have tofu, peppers and a few brussels sprouts to throw together in a quick stir fry.  That should last me two or three days.  

Someone asked me the other day why I don't plan my lunches as well.  To be honest lunch time is pretty much a free for all.  With it being summer the boys usually sleep in and miss breakfast.  Sometimes they wake up and have breakfast for lunch.  They throw together sandwiches, salads or smoothies.  They heat up leftovers.  I try to have a variety of choices for them to choose from.  There might be something easy to make in the pantry or maybe something in the freezer.  During the school year things are a little more structured but oh how I love the ease of summer.  I do remind them to make good choices.   Alex could eat cereal for every meal if left unsupervised.  But he is catching on and I love when I find him deciding on what "real food" he should eat.  Its all about balance and learning to make good choices around here.  Not perfect but it works for us.  

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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