July 23, 2021

Family, Food and Fun

Ever get home from a long vacation and feel like you need a vacation from that vacation?  This one wasn't anything like that.  If anyone in my family is reading this they are probably thinking wtf Kim, but I can explain.  This vacation for me, was beyond heart filling.  Saying goodbyes were hard, but I left each place happy to have had the chance to see everyone.  I wanted a real vacation, with sleeping in and relaxing and late night conversations.  It felt good and right. Sure we didn't do all the things we said we wanted to.  And didn't get to see all the extended family.  But I got to spend time with my all my brothers and sisters over the past few months and that means everything to me.

Coming home was bittersweet.  I miss my siblings and Mom something big.  But I know its time to get this show on the road.  We have been kinda living in limbo since April.  With selling and buying houses, moving with out the boys and visiting them every weekend.  And then as soon as we do bring them home, we up and leave for a 3 week vacation.  So coming home, felt like finally coming home.  School starts in a few weeks and other than one more trip down to San Antonio before that happens, I think we are finally ready to settle in.  I think.

Happy Friday

Which means its time to get back to my little corner of the internet and dust the cobwebs around here.  And there is no better day than today to to that.  Because Fridays are all about all the things that made us happy and thankful this week.  Or the last 3 weeks for me.  Im going to call this a condensed version.  If we are friends on IG you have and will probably see more.  Sorry not sorry.  So lets see what has my heart feeling so damn happy!

Summer Roadtrip

Family road trips are the best.  The boys are awesome at these.  While we haven't done as much as we wanted to, Im thankful for the trips we have taken.


Fun Fact, Davids man crush is Mark Wahlberg, so we squeezed in a trip just the two of us to Wahlburgers.  I had the impossible burger.  It was not bad at all.

Trash Pandas at Toyota Field

One of my favorite things about visiting my sister growing up was we always got to do fun stuff.  And the fact that now we can visit and do fun things, with our kids, is the best thing ever!

Georgia State Aquarium

Since David got to cross Marky Marks Burgers off his list, he took me to the Georgia Aquarium to see whale sharks.  I didn't get to swim with them but I got to see them so Im calling it good and crossing it off my own list!  

Poolside Dragonfly

We were originally only going to FL for a week to put eyes on Mom and make sure she's doing ok.  Not that I thought she wasn't, but sometimes you just need to see you mom, you know.  Hug her, feed her, help her out with all the little things.  We both cried when it came time to say goodbye, but Im already thinking of my next trip out to visit her.  Or maybe flying her out here when she's  ready.

And a few more quick things that made me happy over the past few weeks.

The amazing firework show my brother put on.
So much good, island food on vacation. 
The boys hanging out with their cousins.
Hugging.  So much hugging.
Good conversations with my brother in law.
David being an amazing partner in life.  LOVE THAT MAN!
Getting so see almost all my nieces and nephews.  2 were a little busy serving our country!
The health to do this.  The last few days were iffy but I made it.
Coming home.

What a wild adventure.  I wish we could be like those people who get paid to travel.  Life goals. Im gonna have to look into that because ahhh, that is the life.   Who else loves to travel?!

I know traveling ling right now is a little voodoo for some.  Hell it was nerve wracking for me.  But with so much going on, it was needed.  We were as safe as we could be.  So much has changed out there.  We encountered places that do not except cash.  We were able to check in and out of the hotel in Atlanta through an app.  Used the phone as a key to open doors too.  Nice.  After seeing the masses of people in the Aquarium, we decided against Disney World.  No hurt feelings there.  

How are you guys feeling about traveling.  Have you gone on any trips lately?  Are you waiting a little longer?  And what do you think you will do or have done that you didn't do pre pandemic?  The struggle is real.  

I love you all!  Have an amazing weekend. 

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