June 28, 2021

Hospitals, Hair Cuts and Hugs

 Rolling in late with my happy face.  Typical me.  True story, Im never on time.  I will forever be running on island time.  Its in my blood.  No changing that now.  Im also an optimist.  Almost always, so Im late and pretty sure thats ok!  

This week has been quite interesting.  Fridays are usually my day to reflect and share all my happiness, but we were away this weekend and even though we got home hours ago, I was a little busy with dinner and getting ready for the week.  So now Im crawling in bed and getting this happiness off my chest.

Sunrise over the fence

What made you happy this week?

My list is full of the little things.  Because, it doesn't take much to make me happy.  But the things that make me happy mean the world to me.  I live for the little things.

Yellow Hibiscus

Beautiful Blooms.  

Early Mornings.

Help in the kitchen.

A full moon.

Strawberry Super Moon 2021

Fresh hair cuts.

Awesome hospital lab techs.

Getting to see my neighbor family.


Celebrating a beautiful girl.

Listening to Anthony play the guitar.

Getting some good hugs.

It was exhausting, but worth every ache and pain.  Getting to see Grandma and Grandpa.  Getting some shopping done.  Went to what should be my last visit to the hospital I have been going to for the last 13 years.  It felt a little bittersweet but Im looking forward to changing things up a little.  And then there was the reason we went down in the first place.  To celebrate the sweetest 16.  Our neighbor family took up a whole table and it was so nice to see everyone again.  The girls seem to all grow every week and I miss them dearly.  And my neighbor wives and husbands.  We are a wild and almost always inappropriate bunch.  I miss having them right outside my door.  But I swear Ive seen them more since Ive left.  I love it when friends turn into family.  

That about sums it all up.  Its time to crash.  I will be falling asleep with a full and happy heart.  

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend.  Full of love and laughter.  I know I did!

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