June 21, 2021

Menu Plan 6•21•21

 Happy Monday Y'all!

Its going to be a short one this week.  All of it.  The week, the menu, this post.  Im cutting it all short.  We are headed back to San Antonio for a birthday party and I need to get my labs check before he get the hell out of dodge for a while.  A get away with lots of togetherness is just what the doctor ordered.  But before we leave, I need to clean out the fridge and freezer.  

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

So this weeks menu, well, don't judge me.  Last week we ended up having 2 clean out the fridge days.  So I have some chicken I need to use up.  And I also have some salmon too.  I only had to shop for one meal this week and it was Alex's first pick.  What happens when my 12 year old gets to pick whats for dinner?  Did you guess right? Here is this weeks menu.  Or half of it anyways

MONDAY  •  Lumpia and stir fry veggies

TUESDAY  •  Mushroom Chicken and Rice

WEDNESDAY  •  Baked Salmon and Salads

I have been working really hard making enough food for just dinner.  I am a chronic over cooker.  A lot of that comes from growing up.  We always had extra food, but we always had extra guests for dinner.  Im one of those people who feeds people.  Thanks Dad.  I kid.   With growing boys in the house, its kinda like a double edged sword.  Having extras means they have food to fill their bottomless pits, but If I have 10 enchiladas left, then will go full hobbit mode and have a second dinner.  So Im trying to break that habit and just have smaller healthier, but still filling things they can eat.  Seriously though, how to you keep a teenage boy full?   And the growth hormones make it even worse. 

Well thats a wrap on this weeks menu.  And now its time to get to a whole different kind of wrap.  I need to teach the boys how to wrap lumpia too.  Its so good but so tedious.  Oh the things I do for these boys.  Who am I kidding, I will have a few too.  For quality control.   You know, make sure its safe for everyone else first!  

Whats on your menu this week?  Anyone else living with their own hobbits?  Tell me its not just me!

Cheers to an great week!

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