June 18, 2021

Houston, Home and asking for Help

Happiness is

Life has been all sorts of crazy lately. Between moving and getting things set up to visiting the boys on the weekends until we were able to get them finished with school and home.  Then there are appointments to be scheduled, cancelled and rescheduled.  The internet took forever to get set up and then went down again.  Life hit a few big turns be we are still rolling with it here.  Despite it all, I am filled with happiness and thankful for where I am right now.

Things are finally starting to settle down and that alone makes me pretty happy.  Its been a while since I have shared my Friday happy posts, so Im gonna take a few minutes to reflect and think of some things that made me smile.  This weeks happiness for me this week looked a little like...

Asking for and accepting help.

Waking up and feeling at home.

Conversations with the big kid.

Planning a Summer Road Trip.

Finding new local places to visit.

Getting the boys settled in their rooms.

Finding new doctors here in Houston.

We finally got couches for the living room!

TV nights. Anyone watching Loki? Thoughts?


A few times while we have been out shopping and running errands, David has mentioned that I tend to "shut down."  I get super anxious and forget how to walk and talk.   And he keeps asking me if Im ok. So the other night I rolled over in bed and explained.  When we are out in public all I can focus on is not getting lost.  I get confused and turned around so easy.  So the entire time I am focused on who I am with and if the boys are with us.  I make sure I have my purse or phone on me.  What store we are in?  What we are looking for.  OMG Where is David.  When he wanders off I freeze because half the time I don't even remember getting to the store in the first place.  Its getting to the point where its just to uncomfortable and risky to me to be out with out supervision.  When we go out and out of my comfort zone, I need a little help.  And admitting that hurts.  Its embarrassing.  And I hate that this is happening to me but Im glad I was able to get it off my chest.  I know in my heart of hearts I could tell this many anything, but this wasn't easy.  Asking him for patience and help isn't the hard part.  Accepting the fact that I need it, is. 

Im trying to take the best care of myself because this summer has a few plans in play that I really don't want to miss out on.  Chronic Illness on top of the pandemic has wrecked me.  Im ready for a break.  Im ready to see family.  I know the boys are too.  So I know I need to get my body under control and get back to my stronger self. Im working on it.  

I have been making and changing appointments for days.  Trying to get the boys enrolled in their new schools.  Trying to get transferred from doctors in San Antonio to doctors here in Houston.  And let's not get started on medication.  But its getting done.  Slowly but surely.  

Lost in IKEA

This weekend we will be fixing things up around he house and unpacking a few more boxes now that the house is almost filled up.  I still need to grab all my plant babies that a friend so graciously is caring for.  But I have a few big guys that we are still trying to figure out transportation for.  Anthony is on the search for some decor now that his furniture is settled and Alex made some last minute changes to his bedroom plans which means we are going back to face the Saturday crowd at IKEA.  Pray for us.

What made you happy this week?  Even if your week was a crappy one, can you find something that made you smile, even just a little?  

Happy Friday Y'all.  Have an amazing weekend!

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