February 19, 2021


I wanted to share a big long list of all the things that made me happy this week.  But it doesn't feel right to throw it out there when there are so many in our state right now that are struggling.  Families with out power or water.  So Im going to keep it short and sweet this week.


In a week that quickly went from excitement to worry there were pockets of happiness.  And Im holding on to those extra tight.  Im also holding on to the ones I love extra tight too.  It was a tough week but that doesn't mean it was without smiles and happiness.  There were a few things.  Like...

The knock on my door before I could even ask for help.

Our community facebook filled with neighbors helping neighbors.

The strength and heart of Texas showing big time.

We were all home, together and safe.

2021 Texas Snowman

Im sure I could go on and on about all the little things, and I know I always say that its all about those little things.  But right now.  Im just happy its Friday, the snow is melting and Spring is that much closer.  I said I wasn't going to complain about the cold and I haven't.  But I won't be complaining about a little warmth either.

Share some of your happiness with me.  What made you smile this week?? 

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