February 26, 2021

Finding, Falling and For All Mankind

 A week ago, there was still snow on the ground.  Half the city was with out power and water and life felt like it was standing still.  A week later, no snow, power and water restored to most and it feels like we have finally fallen back into routine.  The boys made it though another week of distance learning.  They got a snow week and now there is one week till spring break.  Spring Break.  It will always be where this all started.  A friend of mine calls it the great pause.  I like that.  

Life has been coming in waves.  Things are calm and quiet for a while then they pick up and knock me around a little bit.  And then just when I think I might lose my mind, smooth as glass.  I have been working really hard to stay balanced and calm.  Yesterday was a challenge but Im feeling it today.  Maybe just because its Friday but  I feel better than I have felt in years.  Like 20.  I feel relaxed.  Somedays borderline just not giving a damn, but in a good way.  I am happy.  And it feels good.

While I usually am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, Im going to just sit in this and enjoy it instead.  I struggle with feeling guilty for feeling good when there is so much bad in the world.  Like really struggle.   But for today, because its Friday and we all know Fridays around here are about happiness, Im going to share it.  And Id love to hear what made y'all happy too!  

For all Mankind

Here are a few moments from the week that made me smile.

For all Mankind came back.

Anthony switched over to new meds.

I have been killing my workouts.

We found some food at Sams club.

Finding Alex napping in my bed.

Throwing together an amazing tofu dish.

Laughing though hard conversations.

Dirty dishes in my clean sink.

Waiting for big big news.

Falling back into my morning routine.

Speaking of falling...this guy wasn't cut out for Texas weather either!
Falling Snowman

There were a few bigger moments in there but its the little ones that fill my cup.  

Watching Anthony take his new meds and thinking of how much easier they are.  No more mixing solutions becomes a big deal when its every day for the foreseeable future.  This kid is a champ.  He has been hit with so many curveballs, but always hit them out of the park.

Any one else watching For All Mankind of Apple TV?  David and I agree that this has to be the most underrated show on tv right now.  Its so good.  And season 2 just started.

Finding a whole weeks worth of food for us was a bit of a struggle this week but we did it.  It wasn't all the cleanest options but it is what it is.  There was no menu post this Monday because I was still not sure what the heck I was cooking.

Dirty Dishes

I should probably explain why dirty dishes made me happy too.  The night before I had stayed up way to late cleaning my kitchen.  Washing and drying everything so I could go to be with a shined sink.  I overslept and jumped out of bed to find the boys ready for school, and a sink full of dishes, because Anthony made them both a filling hot meal and cleaned up after himself.  And it made my heart so happy. Even if it meant, I woke up to dishes in my clean sink.  See... its the little things!  

If we are friends on IG you heard all about last nights conversation with the boys.  If we aren't... let's connect there too!  I love Instagram and getting a peek into other peoples lives.  

Your turn.  What made you happy this week?  What made you smile.  I would love to hear all about it!

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