February 1, 2021

Menu Plan 2•1•21

 I love that fresh start feeling when a new week, month and menu all start on the same day.  Just me?  Probably.  A Monday is a Monday I suppose.  I shouldn't say that because Im really trying not to hate Mondays.  I need to stop saying Monday.  Whatever.

So, new week, new menu.  Ive got ours all planned out and it should be a nice and easy week full of meals for us all.  Ive been trying to make at least one meatless meal that we can all eat together.  Last week I had a few bites to many of meat and my body is just kinda dragging this morning.  But clearly I was in need of a little more protein.  Trying to read my body and know what it needs is hard.  Le sigh.  So, lets see whats on this weeks menu.


Mushroom Chicken 
Baked Garlic Dijon Salmon 
Arroz con Carne
Homemade Chicken Tenders
Lentil Bolognese 


Butternut Dal
Veggie Stirfry
Lentil Bolognese

Im not going to lie, I might be having some chicken tonight because mushroom chicken is one of my favs.  And because Im kinda struggling with this no meat thing.  I need to find plant proteins that I enjoy enough to eat a few times a week.   Or I just need to suck it up and eat the damn beans.  Ugh.


I grabbed another flavor of the Dal that I had last week.  Im not one for packaged and processed foods, but having them for the nights when I think about just not eating because I don't want to cook another meal, will help me be better about not skipping dinners or eating things I really shouldn't. And Im so excited to try the Bolognese.  Mostly I think the guys will enjoy it more.  Im not a big tomato sauce kinda person but they love spaghetti, so hopefully it will be a hit.  

Also, whole grain bagels... the teenager asked for these so I could have them with his smoked salmon.  Hes fancy.  They taste like cardboard.  Fight me.

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?!  Let me know.  Or if anyone has any recipes they want to try but want a review first, let me know.  Yes, Im running out of ideas.  I'll make anything at this point.  Gotta stop making the same things over and over.

Happy Monday Y'all!

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