February 7, 2021

Change, Cleaning and Celebrating another year together.

Well that happened fast.  One minute its Friday and the next, we are getting ready for a new week.  Sunday nights bring mixed feelings.  I want to be excited to start a new week and get back to routine.  But at the same time, wanting a little more time with all my guys home and together.  Even if that means just hanging out on the couch catching up on some TV. 

Happiness is

But someone has to adult around here so I guess its time to get back to the grind.   At least I got my kitchen cleaned.  Clean-ish.  It needs a good scrub but I can do that tomorrow.  Today is going to be about sharing some happiness.  Because we all know this world could do with a little more happiness.  Am I right or am I right?  What made you happy this week?  Here are a few things that made me happy this week.

A quick and easy salmon recipe.

Avocado and quinoa chips.

Finally finishing up the house painting.

Cleaning out junk drawers.

Feeling ok and ready for some change.

Pushing though my workouts.

Friday Night TV with David.

Planning a veggie filled menu.

Watching Anthony take and share photos.

Celebrating our 17th anniversary.

Getting out for a drive and fresh air.

What made you happy this week?  Even if it was just the littlest thing.  I have mentioned it here and there before but I have been struggling with the fact that there have been so many happy moments in a time where happiness has been hard to come by.  But I hope that by sharing some of my little highlights, maybe someone might find a few of theirs too.  Even on the worst weeks, we can try to find something that made us smile or feel happiness or hope.  So share yours too.  Id love to hear what made your week!

Heres to another week full smiles and happiness.

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