January 24, 2021

Glennon, Greta and Gloomy Weekends

I didn't get around to sharing my happiness the last few weeks.  What can I say?  I have taken most of January to figure out my plan and things have gotten off to a pretty slow and chill start.  Im not even going to apologize for it either, because, y'all,  I'm in a good place and am going to enjoy it.  You know, just incase the other shoe is about to drop.  I might be living my best life right now but I also know how my luck goes.  Hopeful but realistic.

What makes you happy
There have been so many great moments had here and I want to share a few with you.  Because happiness should be shared.  Its contagious you know.  So spread it!  Share happiness not germs. 


Finishing book #2.  Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Dragon Noodles

New pantry containers

Morning Meditations

Watching the Inauguration

Finishing puzzle #2

Greta Thunberg

Bubble Baths 

Haircuts for the boys

Gloomy Days

I needed to give the boys something not electronic to do but didn't want to force it.  So I set the puzzle table out and watched each day as the boys walked bye, sat down and took a mental break and started putting the pieces together.

Im slowly getting back in the habits of early mornings.  I seem to do great for a while, crash for a few days but get back to it.  But those few hours of quiet in between David going to work and the boys waking up is nice.

Finally getting to my new year decluttering.  I got some new pantry containers for my staples and I love them.  I also realized that less meat means more pantry items.  How many types of rices, grains and beans does a girl need?  Im not sure yet, but I do know that I need more containers.  Le sigh.

Watching the inauguration with my youngest was such a conversation creator.  It's crazy that even he picked up on the lighter air.  I used to think politics didn't matter to little ole me.  But once the boys started paying attention I realized how mistaken I was.  I just can't understand all the hate it brings with it.  I never will.

I finally watched I am Greta and good grief.  Someone once asked me why something as "questionable" as global warming was important to me.  Well because its not questionable to me.  The islands I came from, that are a part of me, are disappearing.  In a handful of years, they could be gone.  Underwater because of global warming. They asked how its important to me?  How can it not be to anyone else?  This documentary is awesome.  And a good reminder to use my voice.  

Its been a lazy, gloomy weekend.  And Im here for it.  I love weekends we can just pile up in the living room and watch movies.  The ones that we get good rest are the best.  Ive used this time to plan next week out.  My menu is done.  My to do list is written down.  And Im ready for the next week.  

So, what made you happy this week?  What do your weekends look like these days?  Are you able to get out and get some fresh air?  Or did you rest and relax like us?  Whatever you did, I hope it brought you so much happiness.  Heres to the last week of January!  Let's get it!

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