October 30, 2020

Peace, Playing and a new Program

Its Friday.  Hallows Eve.  And there are no ghouls in sight.  Halloween just isn't feeling very spooky after the disaster that has been 2020.  But we are trying.  The boys at one point said they wanted to go trick or treating.  But have changed their minds and asked that we just do something cool and fun together.  So who knows what the weekend holds in store for us.

Halloween Weekend

Fridays around here are all about taking a look back at the week and sharing some happiness.  Finding the little moments that made you happy.  Things you are grateful and thankful for.  Its just nice to go into the weekend knowing that the week wasn't as bad as it may have seemed.  Or just a reminder of how blessed you are.  Here are the things that made me happy this week.

The new running program I started.

Slipping under cold sheets.

Laughing with the boys.

Playing soccer at the park.

Finding some peace by the water.

A colorful menu.

Helping Alex with MATH.


New books to read and listen to.

Letting go of what no longer serve me.

It has been a week.  I started a new program that Im sure everyone I know is tired of me talking about.  I don't care.  Even in a week I can feel changes.  Not just physically.  But something changes inside of you when you decided that you too can do hard things.  Its not that I didn't believe I could, but once I actually did it, that was the life changer.  Having a little faith in myself isn't something Im used to. 

Castroville Park

On Sunday we took the boys out to the park.  FINALLY!  I think that is the first time since before spring break that we all got out and into nature together.  And it felt amazing.  A three guys, David included, mentioned how good it felt.  And my favorite part was hearing the boys talk about how calming the sound of the river was.  Alex talked about how it made him feel at peaceful.  Just the reminder I needed that as much as they have been ok staying in, they thrive in nature.  Need to make that happen more.

This week has been full of great food.  For both them and I.  I was talking to David last night about how thankful I am that we decided early on that we would do what we could to make sure the boys eat a variety of foods.  David grew up kinda eating the same things and I grew up eating everything under the moon.  Literally.  Ive eaten and still will try just about anything.  I draw the line at eating "live" anything.  People tell me that I am lucky the boys eat anything and I tell them its not luck.  We had a plan and stuck with it.  It was work and it has paid off.

There is a quote/meme going around, something about "one day she woke up different."  Im feeling it to the bone.  Not necessarily that I woke up different, because its been a long time coming.  The other day I got a text from someone trying to explain someone else actions.  It was ugly and to be honest I have lost faith in the person being defended.  So Im reading though it over and over and realized that I just really didn't care.  Really it had nothing to even do with me. And I let it roll off my shoulders.  Not my circus.  Not my monkeys.  Thats a new feeling for me.  


The weekend is here and so is Halloween.  Well tomorrow.  Of all the years for there to be a Halloween on a weekend, during a full moon, its 2020 in the middle of a pandemic?  Thats just mean.  And since the boys have decided to stay in, I think we are just going to just stay in and have a scary movie night?  Or light a fire and make s'mores.   Maybe another trip to the park?  We shall see.  But we will welcome November and try again.

What is Halloween looking like for you? Will you be trick or treating? Handing out candy?

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