November 2, 2020

Menu Plan 11•2•20

 I love how much a new month can feel like a reset button.  New weeks are cool too.  New menus though, are where the real fun is at!  Somewhere along the way I lost my love of cooking.  Maybe not my love of cooking but I lost the joy in it.  Probably right around the time I had to cook meat and not eat it.  But things have turned a corner.  And I have found a compromise.  I allow myself one "little meat day."  One day a week that I can have a few bites of what ever the guys are having.  But not a whole meal because, I know what happens when I do that.  I really do feel so much better off the meat but being able to have a taste of the best meal of the week makes the obsessing over it all disappear.  Last week I saved up for that lumpia.

Menu Monday

This weeks menu is a good one I think.  And Im not sure which day I want or if I will even have any of it.  Mostly because I have all the fixings for some sushi bowls that I can't get enough of.  But who knows.  Here is what I am making this week.


Spaghetti Night

Beef and Bean Tostadas

Spinach Stuffed Chicken

Chicken and Broccoli 

Mediterranean Salmon Bowls


Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti

Taco Salads

Plant Power Sushi Bowls

Im trying really hard not to have to buy separate dinners for me and them.  But at the same time, Im not about to be living off their side dishes.  This week its a lot easier to mash our two different menus together.  I will have spaghetti squash and tomatoes when they have spaghetti.  On tostada night I will cut out the tortilla and beef and just mix the rest into a salad.  Then I will be having sushi bowls the other nights. 

Im super excited to have them finally helping me pick out dinners regularly and not having to come up with all the ideas myself. The teenager picked out the Spinach Stuffed Chicken and Salmon Bowls.  David pick out Chicken and Broccoli and I threw in Spaghetti for him.  And Alex wanted to make sure we used up the last of his "Mexican cheese."  Queso Fresco.  He loves that stuff.  

Menu Plan Monday

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?  

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