October 29, 2020

A day off?

I woke up this morning and though to myself.  Ok, just take a deep breath, get up and do what you need to do and before you know it, it will be bed time.  Just get though the day.  The pillow hype talk was strong this morning.  I got up and did my thing.  Then as I was setting out my journal I checked my calendar.  Yall.  Today is a day off.  What?

Day off?

I started this journey just 2 months ago. And for two months straight I have worked out (all but 2 Saturdays). This week I started a new running program and unlike the last program, there are rest days AND days off.  Im not gonna lie, Im struggling between "just take the day off" and "just get out there and move!"  Out of routine I got up and got dressed like I was going to workout so why not just do it right?  But they wouldn't have put a day off in there just for fun.  I RAN yesterday. Fast.  Like I haven't ran in years.  So maybe I should take the day off.  I could actually get some things done around here with out having to rush it all.  And take my my medicine now and get it over with.

I think I am going to trust the process.  Take it easy today.  Make sure I nourish my body.  Im going to restart the meditations because, y'all... they are amazing.  And lord knows I could use a little chill.

Boys Adrift

I am also going to read.  I have a new book from the library to take my mind off things for a while.  And while I am doing housework I am listening to a book called Boys Adrift: The five factors driving the growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men.  Im only about an hour in and have rolled my eyes only a few times and learned so much too.  Not that I think my boys are underachievers or unmotivated but Im hoping to get a better understanding of the wiring and hoping to find ways to better connect with them.

I have a few hours before I need to start making dinner.  Dishes are done, and last I check the kitchen was clean.  The boys will hopefully keep it that way while they go in and out today.  So its time to snuggle up with a book and enjoy my day off.  

Happy Friday Eve!

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