October 9, 2020

Menus, Meditations and Morning Routines.

And its FRIDAY!  Finally and for real.  I have been thinking it was Friday for the last 2 days.  So I am extra excited.  This week just seemed to drag on and on.  But then the weekends disappear into thin air?  Who came up with these rules anyways?
Friday F Words
Well before the day gets away from me, I figure I better get to the good stuff.  One of the reasons I love Fridays so much.  Because on Fridays, I take a look back at the week and pick out the things that made me happy.  And the things that I am thankful and grateful for. 

I got to see my little sister.

Solid menus this week.

One failed recipe.

New leaves on my Monstera.

Watching Ted Lasso with David.

Reaching my 10 pounds down goal.

Making time for me.

Trying out meditation.

Being home with the boys.

Journaling and setting daily intentions.

Morning Routine

This little journey I am on has been really shook life up.  One minute everyone was afraid I was going to slip into a coma and the next I am a meditating vegetarian who sits on her patio and writes out intentions each morning.  Y'all,  life has done a complete turn around and Im kinda loving it.  It hasn't been easy.  Giving up meat has been a challenge.  It has been 100% worth the sweat AND TEARS.  I feel here.  Alive.  Everything hurts, but Im doing it.  And Im down 10 lbs so thats the cherry on top.

Seeing my little sister was such a heart healer.  I didn't realize how much I needed that.  Even if I do talk to her almost every day on face time.  And probably for a lot longer that is healthy.  Don't judge.  She's keeping me company.  From my iPad...

Watching Ted Lasso

Last weekend I woke up and David was already up and watching TV.  I tried to do my own thing but kept getting pulled into the show he was watching.  The I realized it was about soccer and that was the end of it.  YOU GUYS!  Sorry I don't mean to yell, but Ted Lasso was awesome.  Its not made for little ears with all the swearing but if you are cool with that and just need something to make you laugh and give you all the feels, this is it. 

Chicken Fajiats

This week has been full of some super yummy food.  Since I am currently a vegetarian and the nutrition plan I am following says "veggie most", I have been trying to up the guys veggies too. Everything this week has been so colorful and pretty.  Things really do taste better when they look better.   We did have the one failed recipe, and even though it was a fail it still made my happy list.  One, because David helped me pick it out and two, because even though it was not up to their standards, they still ate it.  And why would it make me happy if they ate something they didn't care for?  Because, it wasn't un-edible, they just didn't care for it.  They did not complain or demand I make them something else. They picked out what they didn't like (soggy pasta) and made do with what they had.  And I love them for that.

This weekend we will be home again although I am really missing our weekend zoo trips.  We went when they opened up to 25% all those months ago and it was still to busy for our comfort.  So now we wait.  Le sigh.  It could be worse!  So instead we will probably stay close to home and hang out with the boys, watch some tv, do some house works and just relax.  Nothing wrong with that.  David has been gone so much and working so hard.  He needs the down time.  And we all enjoy having him home.

What are you up to this weekend?  Do you have any fun plans?  Or are you still keeping to yourselves and waiting until its a little less scary out there?  Either way, what ever you do, I hope it makes you happy!  Because thats what really matters!

Have an amazing weekend!

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