October 23, 2020

Sweat, Sushi and the Second Semester of School

Who else is excited to see the weekend.  It has been a week!  So many things fell apart and so many things also came together.  I got two thumbs up from the doctors with a little side of something to think about as far as my health goes.  All it all it was a pretty good week!  Im feeling super thankful for all that I have.


Fridays around here are for taking a few minutes to look back at the week and think of all the things that made you happy.  The little things that made you smile or the big wins of the week.  The world has been heavy and angry lately so, I look forward to taking some time to be thankful and share my happiness.  Lets see what made the list this week!

The boys kicked off 2nd semester focused and determined.

Lots of veggies for dinner and not so many grumbles!

I discovered Sushi Buddha bowls and it was the bomb.

Being sweaty and exhausted but smiling because I crushed a workout.

Reading, talking and learning more about my culture and home.  Even found my tribe name.

Rest.  I love my early mornings but have slept in a few days this week.

Making holiday plans with David and figuring out how to make them work.

Spotting some baby muscles popping though.

Finding cool little creatures on the patio.  A praying mantis kept me company this morning.

Two pretty good appointments this week.  Always a win in my book!


Ive always counted myself lucky to have boys who will eat pretty much anything.  It wasn't or isn't always easy, but I don't have to convince them very often to try new things.  Its the things they get tired of that I have to butter them up to.  They get tired of things quickly so I try to switch things up.  But when it comes to veggies my skills are lacking.  And they are over it.  Sure they still eat them, but I need to find some different sides to keep them interested.  Especially now that I am trying to get them to eat even more veggies than usual.

While I have been feeling great, my body has been showing signs of needing a break.  Aches and pains setting in.  Fatigue.  Nausea.  And I have been doing my best to not just push though it because, it is valid and deserves to be taken into consideration.  Im not a work though the pain kinda girl.  Not because I can't handle the pain, but because Ive come to realize, the result in doing that could literally cause major problems for me.  Giving myself grace.

The boys rocked the first semester.  This whole online learning things has really thrown them for a loop.  Anthony was finally in a place where he was no longer dealing with bullies and actually enjoying the school atmosphere.  And Alex was like the only kid Ive ever know excited about entering the awkwardness that is Middle School.  They both hit some walls but rallied and came back with all A's and one B each.  

Praying Mantis

How cool is this guy.  He was on the back of the patio chair and I knocked him off when I put the fallen back cushion back up.  Poor guy.  All I was was hands go up right before the cushion landed.  Sorry dude.  But I picked him up and set him in my plant. Where he stared me down for the next 2 hours while I was writing and talking to my sister.  Actually, I should go check on him and make sure hes all set before the rain comes.  Yes, I need to do that.

But I want to know...

What made you happy this week?  And what are y'all doing this weekend?  I need out of this house something urgent.  I need some fresh air and green grass that isn't my back yard.  I know we are still supposed to be social distancing and we wear our masks, we just need to get out all this energy.  The boys need that, like, BAD!  We will see.  I also need to get to work on a grocery list and menu.  Preferably in the next few hours before David gets home.  Better get to that too.  

Happy Friday Ya'll.  Have an amazing weekend.  I hope whatever you end up doing makes you incredibly happy! 

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