August 9, 2020

Waiting, Winning and Watching Shark Week

And just like that it is Friday Sunday...night!   I meant to sit and share this Friday but I got distracted.  Its like there is some kind of rush to the end of Summer and Im going to need like to just slow its roll.  Im not ready yet!  Are you?

My favorite thing about Fridays is taking a few minutes to look back at the week and taking note of things that made me happy over the week.  What made you happy? Here are a few things that made me happy last week. 

What's up, Weekend?

Today I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Flynnigans, Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Beth from Coffee until Cocktails.  Every Friday we share all the things that we are happy, grateful and thankful for!  Here are a few things that made my list this week!

Late night face times.

Winning on my birthday.

Turning 38.

Watching storms roll in with the boys.

Birthday presents.

Watching Shark Week!

Good hair days.

One week of eating almost no meat.

Double rainbows.

Waiting for Amazon packages.

It was quite a week last week.  On Wednesday I turned 38.  Someone mentioned that I was so close to 40, like it was a bad thing.  Y'all.  I didn't think I was going to see past 28 so I am actually thrilled to have made it this far.  Bring on the wrinkles and laugh lines that come from smiling.  Sure my back hurts when I wake up, but I wake up in my own damn bed and not in the hospital, hell yeah!  Im might joke about being the old one, but its a wonder I made it this far so I am going to be thankful for it.

David came home with dinner and presents.  I finally got the instant pot Ive been eyeballing.  Anyone have a favorite recipe?  And he got me some new headphones that I LOVE!  My neighbor got me a rice cooker.  Mine recently died.  And then I was gifted a few bingo cards...and won!  Birthday luck!

I have been trying to be really good about watching my animal protein intake.  It seems meat in general has been harder on me.  After last months H.E episode I have decided to stop eating most meats.  I didn't sit down with a meat meal but I may have taste tested what I was cooking before I served it to the guys.  Not bad.  I made myself curry lentils to get thought the week but was over them 3 days in.  So I need to add a few more thing in during the week to shake it up.  I don't really miss meat as much as I though I would.  Maybe because I know I can have a bite here and there if I want to?  

And now its Sunday night and I am trying to get myself set up for the week.  Dishwasher is started.  Boys know the game plan.  I have my to do list going.  My menu is planned, I just need to write it out.  Pill boxes are full.  I just need to drag myself into the shower and then take my behind to bed.  

Quarantine Cuts

This weekend we kind of just played it cool.  I slept in Saturday.  Way to late.  We did get the boys haircuts real quick.  But then it was back to the house.  We are currently debating our virtual school set ups.  I know the boys need to be separated, but the where is bugging me.  I would rather them not be tucked away in their rooms, but kinda don't want them at the dinner table anymore.  I have been desk shopping.  Le sigh. 

Did everyone have a good weekend?  What did you guys do?  Whatever it was, I hope it made you so very happy.  

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