August 10, 2020

Menu Plan 8•10•20

Happy Monday Everyone!  We are happy its Monday, right?  I feel like if I keep saying Monday, it will make it sound more and more exciting.  Is it working?  I hope so!

Either way, Im awake.  Anthony and I have done his morning dog sitting duties and the fact that we were out of the house this early is kinda a big deal!  Let's just say that our quarantine summer has been a lazy one.  Late nights and sleep ins were nice while they lasted.  We are getting back into the habit of being up and moving before 9.  Now I just need to finish up my coffee then get to cleaning out the fridge.  Can't hide out on the patio forever.

I do still have to plan my own menu for the week.  Last weeks lentils were good but curry everyday was a bit much.  I really need to make a little time to round up a bunch of vegetarian ideas for myself.  But for now, the guys menu is planned.  And what did Anthony ask for?  Curry.  Here is the line up for the week.

Thai Curry Meatballs

Chicken Fried Chicken


Babyback Ribs

Baked Chicken 

So the meatball recipe calls for yellow curry paste.  And around here you can only find that in Oriental Market.  I went in for one thing and ended up spending way to much.  I found myself a breadfruit.  Plus all of this.

Oriental Market Haul

So yeah.  That happened.  It started with the curry paste.  Then I saw the char siu and was taken back to our summers in Hawaii and all the manapua.  I already had ribs on the menu so why not.  Im excited to see what the boys think.  I was looking for a different kimchi but grabbed a jar or the regular anyways.  (He grabbed my favorite jar from the Thai store on the way home).  David saw the soda in a new flavor so of course we had to grab some to try.  Then we tried not to buy everything in the candy and snack isles.  I wisely avoided the seafood and fish.  I did sneak a peek at a price and holy octopus.  Why is it so expensive?!  We hit up the produce and I got my breadfruit.  I was tempted to get some enoki mushrooms because I have clearly watched way to many Korean Mukbang videos on IG.  On mute.  I can't stand the eating noises but the food all looks so good and makes me so hungry.  Don't you judge me! 

Anyways.  I guess its time to get the day really started.  Bathrooms don't clean themselves.  I really wish laundry would fold itself though.  That would be amazing.

What made it on to your menu for the week?  What is your favorite non American food?  What would you buy in an Oriental Market?  Damn, I getting hungry now!  

Menu Plan Monday

Have an amazing Monday everyone.  Here to a quick but productive week!  

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