August 28, 2020

Goodies, Gardens and time with my Guys

Our first week back to school, with real distance learning is almost OVER!  I feel a little guilty with how easy it went.  We hit a snag the first day with the systems crashing and all that craziness, but the rest of the week went well.  The boys have been great about sticking to their schedules.  I only had to give a few reminders.  Alex is suddenly camera shy and I have had to remind him a few times to use his voice.  And there have been a few out of control kids popping into zooms with foul language and all sorts of disrespect, but thankfully the teachers shut that crap down fast.  I can only imagine how hard all this is on them.  The kids to.  But we made it.  

If you have been around for a little bit, you'd know that Fridays are for reflecting back on the week and thinking about everything that made you happy.  I share the little and bit things that I am thankful for and it just starts the weekend out with a happy heart.  Here are a few things that had me smiling.

  • A trip to the Japanese Tea Gardens with the guys.
  • A great second day of school & rest of the week.
  • Surviving my 3 week without (almost any) meat.
  • Enjoying the sunrises on the patio.
  • A new product box from Built Bar.
  • Boys who are rocking distance learning.
  • Making a point to move more.
  • A box full of goodies from family.
  • Reading books with the boys.
  • An understanding and supportive husband.

This week, except for the crazy first day of school, has actually been really good.  The boys have been great about sticking to their class schedules, being respectful to their teachers and getting their work done.  I don't know why Im surprised at how well they are doing with the distance learning.  But maybe its just more that I am proud of them.  They both need to work on being more engaged though because they both are a little uncomfortable on camera.  But thats understandable.

My journey to being meatless continues.  And my body thanks me for it.  The last time I had red meat with a meal was in July.  I will admit to tasting what Im making for the boys but thats it.  I also made them a steak dinner and had a cauliflower steak.  And guess what?  I survived.  With out any tears.  The only other meat meal I had was some shrimp, but David said I was a little off even after that, so aside from a taste test while Im cooking, I am just avoiding it all.  

Speaking of David, he and the boys have been great though all the changes I have had to make lately.  They have been keeping an eye on me and making sure I have been eating enough and taking my meds.  I love that they have been willing to try a lot of what I am eating even though I have made them something else.  Anthony agreed to be my workout partner and that will help keep me on track too.  Yesterday David gave me a high five.  When I asked why he said because he has woken up to check on me and I have been asleep at 2:30 all week.  Usually Im awake staring at the fan all night.  But the fact that he wakes up to check on me, is just another reminder of how much I scared him and how important it is that I do everything I need to do to stay as "healthy" as I can.

I'll leave you with some pictures from the gardens.  It was crazy hot but we walked to Starbucks before we headed back to the car, so it was worth it!  We haven't been here in years.  But its literally right across from the Zoo and free.  Not to mention just a beautiful place to get some extra steps and lots of fresh air.  Have an amazing weekend everyone.  We have some work around the house to do, but no plans set in stone.  Whatever you end up doing, I hope it makes you unbelievably happy!

Japanese Tea Garden SATX

Japanese Tea Garden SATX

Japanese Tea Garden SATX

Japanese Tea Garden SATX

Japanese Tea Garden SATX

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