June 12, 2020

Shopping, Surviving and Swimming.

Hello Weekend!  I'd like to thank Coffee, because with out her, I would not have made it though the week.  OK it wasn't really that bad.  It was actually nice to have a slower pace around here.  I got to sit and play Mortal Kombat with the Anthony.  Its been a while since I have had a controller in my hand!  I do miss our mornings around the table though.  How was I able to get more writing done with them at the table than when they are sleeping in? Im super curious to see what classes will be like next year. 

Peaceful Posse Whats Up Weekend?

Today I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Flynnigans, Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Beth from Coffee until Cocktails.  Every Friday we share all the things that we are happy, grateful and thankful for!  Here are a few things that made my list this week!

Roccos in home meet went awesome
More curls less frizz. 
Book shopping for the younger nieces and nephew.
Lunch with mom and Bug.
Brushing off the little things.
Seeing some faces I haven't see in months.
Surviving the first week of Summer.
Finalizing vacation plans.
Tea on the patio after a long day.
First swim of Summer.

Last weekend Rocco got to meet his (fingers crossed) new family.  And then this week we took him to the house to meet their other dog.  Things went so good.  He pretty much made himself at home and went with it.  Now we are just waiting for a few things before he is ready to go.  Sad but sweet.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my post about lunch with my mom and little sister.  We are all trying to keep ourselves accountable and following doctors orders so we figured instead of snacking all afternoon when we facetime, we should have lunch.  Bug suggested a salad that was adaptable to all our diets and then walked us though the directions and we had lunch together.  Man, trying to tell Mom she can or can't eat certain things is kinda hard but doing it this way made it easier!

A friend of mine had and Usborne book party.  Alex was hesitant in picking out books so I went ahead and got books for my younger nieces and nephew.  Plus if they like the first book in the series I picked out for them, I know what I can get them for Christmas!  Winning.

Well we have made it though the first week of summer and are so happy to be done with school. Both boys totally kicked butt this year.  Anthony was like 5 points away from straight A's. And Alex blew threw it all.  We have been enjoying later nights and they have been enjoying sleeping in.  Today we have reservations at the pool.  I figured we should get in while they are limiting it to only 4 households at a time.  Usually during the summer it is jam packed.  I can't wait to swim!

What about you all?  What made you happy this week?  Any fun weekend plans?

We are headed out in 2 weeks for a fun vacation.  I can't wait for that.  But that means making sure we wrap things up here at home first.  Lots of cleaning and some more purging.  Yard work and some packing and shopping.  Id love to get it all done now, so everything is just ready for go time.

Have and amazing weekend everyone.  Stay safe and wash yo hands!

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