June 9, 2020

Foster Dog Diaries: Meet Rocco

My Facebook messenger app beeps at me and all I see is "INCOMING" in my notification.  I laughed because I knew exactly what was coming next.  But I didn't open it right away.  Instead I texted David and all I had to do was tell him who messaged me.  "Your call" he wrote.  So I thought about it.  Asked myself the usual questions.  And decided why the heck not.  

Quarantine has the boys all sorts of bouncing off the walls.  Literally.  They have been telling me they are bored out of their minds and they want to get out of the house.  We talked about going to the beach or the pool but I wasn't quite that ready yet.  So when I got the call I knew it was the perfect time to say yes.  

So, Meet Rocco!

Shy Puppy

He was a little shy at first.  But I would be too if I was him.  This guy didn't have the best start in life.  He is  4 months old and a giant couch potato.  He won't be with our family for long before he is adopted but he will be living it up until the.  Preferably from the patio couch.  With the pillow! Seriouly, check him out!

Pillow Puppy

Once he was feeling a little more sure of his surroundings, he started to open up and he is a goofball.  And a really good boy.  He does his business outside, sleeps in the kennel at night with (almost) no fussing and is content to just be where ever you are.

Puppy Love

A few things he for sure loves... sleeping, eating and Alex.  The other day David got up to let him out and when they came back in he grabbed one of the toys and ran to Alexs room.  Alex was still sleeping but by the time he woke up, he opened his door to a pile of toys that Rocco kept taking to him.  If we are friends on IG you probably have seen their morning nap routine.  Wake up, eat, homework and then go outback and nap on the patio

Puppy Freckles

And look he has freckles like me :) His momma was probably a merle dane but it was hard to tell because she was in such bad shape.  But Im told both his parents were big so no wonder hes a big boy.  He was super boney when we got him just in just a few days he has a filled out a little bit.  Hes all for a meal or a snack.  And runs into the kennel when I fill his bowl.  

Great Dane Puppy Paws

Im a sucker for baby feet and puppy paws.  Our boy Poncho always slept with his paws crossed too.  Rocco actually reminds us all of P Dog.  Like a lot.  Like, so much that saying goodbye is gonna hurt big.  There are going to be tears.  If we were looking to add to our family, I would have said yes days ago.  But between Anthonys asthma and my health, its just not out time.  So for now we foster. Rocco has made it easy on us this time around.  Its not always this smooth. If it was I would have fostered all the puppies. I have to keep reminding myself that mine and Anthonys health has to come first. 

Sweet Puppy

This guy is going to make some family so happy.  Extra care goes into placement of all the dog so I know he will go to a great forever home.  I hope its one that comes with a little boy or girl to grow up with.  We have been working on a few things.  He has just about mastered sit.  Still working on come.  He takes treats nicely and is kind of a velcro dog.  His favorite spot is right next to his person.  

**He actually had a meet and greet over the weekend and got to meet one of the kids.  The mom commented on how he kinda zeroed in on her and didn't leave her side the whole visit.  She has two boys around Alex's age too, as well as another dog.  We are going to do a home visit this week.  Fingers crossed!!**

People always tell me that they would never be able to foster with out falling in love.  Well let's be honest.  So much love goes into every dog that comes though this house.  And I fall in love with each of them.  But love means that we are willing to let them go on to their forever homes and know that we played a part in saving their lives and loving them until they find their forever family!  So don't count yourself out.  Its so much more rewarding than you could ever imagine.  If you ever have to chance do it.  

Foster. Adopt. Volunteer.  Donate.

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