June 15, 2020

Menu Plan 6•15•20

Another week, another menu.  Last week kind of flew right past me.  Kinda of like today did.  So now its almost midnight and Im just now sitting down to write out my menu.  One of these days Im going to stop procrastinating.  I take that back.  It isn't really my fault.  I wanted to get this done yesterday but I was busy because ROCCO got adopted!  

Hope Whispers Menu Plan

So now its back to our summer schedule.  Its not really a schedule.  Ok its not a schedule at all.  Its more of a controlled anarchy.  But its summer and they both kicked butt in school, so Im trying to let a few things slide.  Like early bed times.  The only bad thing is when they finally wake up, they are starving.  This week I kept the menu super easy and basic.  Like only one meal needs an oven kind of basic.  And I made sure to stock up on lunch.  This week they asked for sashimi and rice, salmon and salads and frozen pot pies.  Interesting choices.  And our dinners just as random.  Here is this weeks menu.

Burrito Bowls

Turkey Avocado Wraps


Braised Beef Shanks 

Hot Dogs and Fries

I was helping a friend with a project so I wasn't home when David pulled up.  I totally forgot that he was coming home early.  So I came home and made hotdogs.  Tomorrow I will be more prepared.  I think we will have the tostadas.  That was Alex's request for this week.  

I have been craving beef shanks for years but I have always been so intimidated by them.  Probably because there is no way they will ever taste like Dad used to make them.  But Im going to throw something together and pray it comes out good.  Any other marrow bone fans out there? I wonder if my iron is low or something?  But I might open a package and do a test run for lunch tomorrow.  Its that bad.

Burrito Bowls

The wraps and bowls are super easy too.  I hate using the oven during the summer, it makes the house even hotter.   Anyone have other no oven meals that I should give a try?  Let a girl know!  

Whats on your menu this week?

Menu Monday

I hope every one had a great weekend.  Like I mentioned earlier, Rocco the foster dog is settling into his new home and is now King Louie or Louie for short.  His new mom added me on Facebook and Im so excited to watch him grow.  

This week I am going to be trying to schedule in a few more things for Davids week off next week and possibly a few more adventures between that vacation and our end of summer one.  You know quarantine is getting to us when even David is looking for places to run away to.

Happy Monday, almost Tuesday Y'all.  Here to a fast, productive and stress free week.  

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