June 29, 2020

Happy Tails with Old Mother Hubbard

This post is sponsored by WellPet but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Fostering dogs has been one of the most rewarding things we have done as a family.  We often joke about the revolving dog door that we have.  There isn't an actual doggy door but our home and hearts have been opened to quite a few dogs over the last few years.  All come with their own stories, all get the same loving until they are adopted and go to their forever homes.  

We recently took in one of the sweetest pups to every crash here.  At 4 months old, this not so little guy got a rough start at life.  His first few days here were spent keeping to himself, tail tucked and moping around.  He was so unsure of everything.  We named him Rocco!

Rocco the Foster Dane

Right away, I knew we were going to have to take our time with him and put in the work to get him to open up.  Puppies are supposed to be happy and playful.  They should be full of energy and personality.  Rocco was serious, timid and kind of a loner.  He preferred the chair instead of the couch if he couldn't have it to himself.  He was more comfortable with the boys than me.  I knew there was a sweet boy under all that sadness.

Sweet Rocco

There is a joke between me and my friends at the rescue about how dogs come here for one thing.  The frosting!  Also known as treats.   After the last two sets of puppies we had come through, we were running low on dog supplies.  They sure did a number on the toys!  And the bed. Oh the joys of puppies.  Am I right?  Plus my treat jar was empty.  It isn't anymore.   

Old Mother Hubbard

I picked up a few packages of Old Mother Hubbard dog treats.  Can you believe they have been around since 1926?  They are made with all natural ingredients and slow baked for lots of flavor in every bit!   And because each recipe is crafted from wholesome ingredients, you can feel good about giving your pet a treat you both will love.  They are available at Walmarts nationwide or you can add them to your online order.  I picked up the Original Assortment as well as a bag of the P-Nuttier flavor too.  I've never met a dog who didn't love Peanut Butter. 

Old Mother Hubbard

In the beginning, Rocco wasn't too sure what to even do with a treat.  It only took him a few sniffs to figure out what I was getting at!   Once he realized that he was getting something tasty, it was game time.  Trying to get him to take his treats like a gentleman and not like a great white shark took a little longer.  Or maybe he was just trying to get another snack out of me.  

Shark Dog

When we bring a foster dog into our home we love them like our own but remind ourselves that we are just an in between.  I like to keep in mind that maybe their new homes will have rules don't.  Will dogs be allowed on the bed?  Will they use a kennel?  I also try to think of situations they might come across once they go to their forever homes. We love working on basic commands and manners.  He learned to sit really quick so we moved on to down and wait.  All this work requires lots of rewards.  The Old Mother Hubbard mini size treats are perfect for this.  The assorted bag comes with a mix of original, chicken, cheddar and char-tar flavors.  Not that he could pick a favorite.  He loves them all!  

Old Mother Hubbard Minis

So what's in it for us?  What do we get from putting time into a puppy we aren't even going to keep?  Watching a dog that came to you sad and broken, finally come out of his shell and live his best life!  In the beginning, Rocco kept to himself.  Not really wanting to play or explore.  After hanging out with him and showing him that we only wanted to give him love in the form of kisses and delicious treats, he had a complete transformation.  He started to come to us for snuggles and love.  He splashed in the bathtub.  He learned that balls were for fetching and that when you work hard learning new things, you get good treats.  Watching him finally run around and let out his puppy energy was the best thing ever.

Happy Puppy

Turns out that underneath all that seriousness is a silly, energetic dog with a lot of personality.  Rocco loves to chase the ball.  His fetch game needs some work but eventually he will learn to bring it back.  Rocco came into our lives a sad little puppy.  But with a little bit of love and lots of good treats, he flourished.  And he was adopted after just a few weeks.  He went to his new home more confident and even more goofy.  His forever family adores him and he loves them right back.  Yes, it was hard to say goodbye but we were happy to have played a part in his journey to his forever home.

Thinking about fostering?  That is awesome!  I wholeheartedly believe everyone should do it at least once.  And the more fosters there are, the more puppies get saved.  Already a foster?  Id love to hear your happy tails.  This guy left paw prints on my heart.  They all do.

Want to grab a bag of Old Mother Hubbard treats for your pup.  The Classic Assorted and P-Nuttier are our favorites.  But there are more flavors available too.  Which flavors do you think your pups will like the most?

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