June 29, 2020

Menu Plan 6•29•20

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope everyones week is starting off well and yall had a great weekend.  We did.  Now we are back home after we spent a few days visiting my younger sister.  Our original vacation plans went out the window.  No hotels, no beaches.  Just hanging out at aunties, playing video games and catching up.  We slept in and relaxed for days and it was amazing.  As we were driving back and were a few miles out of town, our phones started going off with covid warnings stating that the spread in our county has blown up over the last few days.  Not the welcome home we were hoping for.

We spent yesterday gathering our supplies for the craziness that we know is going to happen.  We got groceries before the shelves emptied.  Well, emptied more anyway.  We stopped by Sams Club to grab our usual bulk essentials.  Every register was open and the lines were almost to the back of the store.  Hey Sams Club Members... there is an app for that.  And you can pay online and walk out, around the lines.  Its amazing. 

Menu Plan

I did manage to get all the things I needed and a few extras to stock up the kitchen.  Thankfully I got my curbside order in while we were out of town and just had to roll by and pick it up.  I am all for anything to avoid the crowds in the store!  And my menu for this week is done.  Heres what made the cut this week!

Spaghetti Night

Lemon Pepper Turkey 


Baked Chicken Legs

I am super excited about the Salad.  Even if I have to pick out a few things but the recipe looks so good.  Its a new to us recipe.  The rest of the menu is some of our usual things.  Spaghetti and lemon pepper turkey are always a hit around here.  And Alex asked for tostadas...again and I was so excited to get an actual suggestions so its on the menu this week too.  I went ahead and bought a giant pack of chicken legs and split into enough for 3 meals. I also grabbed some extra meat from Sams Club so I suppose I can start working on next weeks menu and get my curbside order in early !  This way I can make any changes if the stores start to run out of things.

Menu Plan Monday

Anyone else have their menu ready to go for the week?  What made it on your list?  There is just something about having this one thing figured out that makes my week so much easier.  One less things to worry about. 

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