July 13, 2020

Menu Plan 7•13•20

OK guys,  This week I mean it for real this time. Its going to be a great week.  Im not sure what the hell happened last week, but Im going to just set it all behind me and move forward.  This week brings me a little more focus, which is very much needed and appreciated.  

I have to start my week off with a trip to the liver clinic.  Well a virtual one.  Which works because I just rolled out of bed.  Face is washed, coffee is made and here I am getting the week started.  And that means its time to talk about food.  Im gonna keep it short and sweet so I can take the puppies out before I have to deal with doctors.  Im not sure which one is easier?

Menu Monday

This weeks menu is not the healthiest.  But they are all 30 minutes and under cook times so hell yeah to not having the stove on all day.  The ribs have to marinate overnight but then Im slapping them on the grill.  Id like to grill more next week.  We will see how hot its going to be first.  Here is what made the menu this week.

Sausage rice and corn.


Tuna Casserole.

Chicken and Broccoli.

Teriyaki Ribs.

Can you guess what Alex asked for?  Tostadas.  Again.  I only put beans on mine.  No beef. Im not quite sure what his fascination is with tostadas lately, but he eats the hell out of them, so I'll make them.  The ribs are hopefully going to satisfy my craving for beef short ribs.  I have been craving them for weeks but I really am trying to not eat a lot of meat.  Especially beef so I haven't gotten any.  I saw some in the store yesterday but they were over 30 dollars, so I went with a slab of pork ribs instead.  Half the price for more meat.  

So what made it on to your menu for the week?  Or are you still planning it.  Hey!  Im not judging anyone.  If money or time or health wasn't an issue, what would you be eating?  I just have a craving for beef.  Id go with the ribs still.  Or a giant Ribeye....  

I have to stop thinking about it.  I will will more than likely not be eating half of these dinners.  Or I will be changing it up a little.  Sausage and Tuna are a little to high for my sodium intake, so I will probably have a shake or a rice bowl.  I wont be able to pass up on the chicken and broccoli, so I will have a small bowl of that and the ribs will be my big meal of the week.  
Menu Plan Monday
Now that Im starving, I guess I better eat something before my appointment. Have a great Monday everyone!

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