June 8, 2020

Menu Plan 6•8•20

Who is ready for the week?  Im not 100% ready, but Im ready to make the best of it.  Its been a foggy few weeks.  And I am really counting on a good week.  Got up early today to get the dog out and fed before the day started.  Took a few minutes to collect my thoughts and run though the to-do list for the day while I had coffee.  Spent a little time thinking about the beach.  Today is World Ocean Day after all.  I have to see if our usual spot needs a reservation or not.  

Menu Monday

Anyways.  First stop on my list is to get my menu up and shared.  Once again I totally slacked on getting my curbside order in and had to go into the store.  I love HEB but going into the store makes me so anxious.  By the time we got though the store and I got to take my mask off I had to lay down because my head hurt so bad.  But we got everything.  Well almost.  We did go to Walmart for bagels and hot pockets for the boys.  You guys, they are bottomless pits!  Ok, to the menu.  Here is what is lined up for this week.

Mexican zucchini and beef skillet.

Baked chicken drummies and salad.

Enchiladas, rice and beans.

Parmesan chicken breasts, fettuccini and veggies.

Lumpia and veggie fried rice.

There is a little bit of everything on there.  Alex has been asking for lumpia daily but ground pork has been hard to come by.  But I got some this week and he is a happy boy.  We have a pool reservation on Friday so I will probably make the Skillet dinner that night because it only takes 30 minutes or so to throw together.  
Menu Plan Monday
Did everyone have a good weekend?  We ventured out and took a trip to the zoo before it was back to max capacity.  It was still crazy busy.  But when we got back Alex said it felt real good to use his lungs again.  We are cool with being home all week, but our weekends are for adventure and staying home has been really hard.  Trying to slowly get back out there is hard to.  

Rocco the Dane Pup

This guy had his first meet and greet this weekend too.  And it went well.  He was a little shy still but did great.  Talking this morning with the mom and its looking like it might be a perfect fit after all.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Have an amazing week everyone!  

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